Break Through the Barrier, Rise to the Challenge ---- XCMG’s Large-scale Mining Products Officially Enters African Mining Market

On July 14th, 2018, XCMG group delivered 1st batch of 6 sets of mining equipment to an African Mining Corporation, marking the official access of XCMG large-scale mining products to local mining market in Africa.

At the delivery ceremony, backgrounded by the blue sky and white cloud, the “XCMG golden color”of XCMG equipment was very eye-catching. Wang Yong, XCMG’s manager in Africa handed over the “golden key” which symbolized win-win cooperation to the manager of that African corporation.

This first batch of mining equipment delivered includes 3 sets of XDA40 mining articulated truck, 1 set of XE470D excavator, 1 set of GR2405 mining road grader and 1 set of LW 1200KN loader(maximum tonnage in China). Both sides would carry out cooperation later.

XDA40 Mining Articulated Truck

XE470D Excavator

GR2405 Mining Road Grader

LW 1200KN Loader (Max tonnage in China)


Make African People Thumb up

After XCMG products arrived at the site and passed the PDI inspection according to the corresponding process, they still needed to get through the stricter third party’s inspection. During the inspection of XCMG mining Articulated Truck, it happened to rain heavily. But the truck’s roundtripping test in muddy and steep road just proved its excellent performance.

Inspection of XCMG Articulated Truck by the Third Party Company


In addition to this, other XCMG equipment also proved excellent in 50-hour empty load test and full load test. Project manager John thumbed up and said that they were more confident with the purchase of XCMG products since they had gone through those rough tests.


Break the Monopoly and the Barrier

It’s known that South Africa, the high-end market of Africa, has been restricted the local government’s policy barrier in mining equipment supply for a long term. It adds more difficulty for Chinese brands to enter into local mining corporations competing with local, European and American brands.

After a year’s communication with local clients and visit invitations, XCMG African branch company has impressed the clients with its mature and high-efficient complete set solution, excellent product quality and service. Finally, win-win cooperation was made. 

The exportation of XCMG large-scale mining equipment completely broke the long-term monopoly of competitors in the supply of equipment in the mining industry, setting up benchmarking customers in South Africa. It also has practiced the instructions of Wang Min, president and party secretary of XCMG Group,"We need to attach importance to the building of XCMG’s South Africa Team, cooperate with local large mining companies to break the monopoly of international famous brands on South African mining companies."

XCMG will compete with world-class competitor face to face, lead the market with the leading technology, hit the global market with big-scale, intelligent and whole-set products, make every effort to build a big-scale complete set of open-air mining machinery industry which will rank first in China and top 3 in the world.


Wang Min

President and Party Secretary of XCMG Group