5400-m Altitude, -40℃ temperature | XCMG loader practices “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products” in “Roof of the World”

The ancient Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is a fascinating sacred place with blue sky, white cloud, piety and beauty. However, it also suffers strong light and blazing sun in the day and freezing coldness at night. Fierce wind, heavy snow and rain, hail and other severe weather frequent this place. What XCMG story is taking place here?



Severe Working Condition   Professional Customization

XCMG loader is mainly engaged in the civil livelihood projects construction in the plateau including transportation construction, infrastructure construction. It helps in building numbers of “heaven roads” to connect Tibet to other places. With the extension of the road and the rising of the altitude, the temperature goes down. The average monthly temperature is less than 10℃even in the warmest month of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The low-temperature startup is the prior challenge of the equipment.



XCMG loader provides the customer with a whole set of customized solution to meet with severe working condition. The normal startup in the -40℃ low-temperature environment is guaranteed with the customized upgradation in plateau-type motor, battery capacity expansion, super-low temperature cold start system and AVS low temperature resistant wire.



Low temperature and severe coldness are not the only challenge. The plateau is also characterized by the low air pressure. Air tank cap pressure addition and radiator enlargement have cooled down the high-temperature radiator resulting from the low air pressure to guarantee the high-efficient running of the equipment in 5400-m altitude. Customized solution enables XCMG loader to withstand the double test of “ice and fire”on a daily basis.



XCMG Takes Customer Need as Our Responsibility

The plateau is also blessed with abundant mine resources. Mine and quarry scatter like stars. Though the ore and aggregated rock are in heavy density and hard material, the special high-strength material of the bucket makes the operation of XCMG loader more reliable and durable.



To maintain the cleanness of the plateau while mining, XCMG’s adoption of the engine that meets the national emission standard in the third phase, high-efficient driving device, and“Non-redundant Weight”design reduces the fuel consumption while improving the work efficiency. It is environment-friendly and high-efficient. The accessories storage and timely service is the biggest concern of th customer in the broad plateau. XCMG loader provider sets up our accessory storage warehouse in the plateau, service stations in the mine for trouble-free service.



XCMG Responsibility in Disaster Relief

Meteorological disaster happens occasionally in the Tibetan plateau. Whenever there is urgent and serious plateau disaster, “XCMG Gold”always shines in the frontier disaster saving site.


In snow disaster of Tibet in 2013, XCMG loader opened the life path for the settlement of disaster-struck people.


In Tibet and Nepal’s earthquake-hit regions in 2015, XCMG loader assisted in opening the road


In Tibet’s Alimu storm in 2017, XCMG assisted in the flood relief


No matter in Plateau or in basin, in streams or river valley, the Gobi desert, XCMG always adheres to the philosophy of customer-orientation, practices the golden standard “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”. We offer our customers a whole set of solution. We repay customer’s trust with hard work. We protect the world’s purity and make the world a better place.