XCMG About To Ship Its LW400KV Loaders and XT870 Backhoe Loaders to A West African Country

Dozens of XCMG LW400KV loaders and XT870 backhoe loaders will soon be shipped to a West African country. This is the eighth export order gained by XCMG from this country.


XCMG overseas manager and expert panel of the importing country in West Africa


Strict standard to prove the premium quality

Before the shipping, representatives of the Ministry of Public Works Implementation from the country went to the intelligent production facility of XCMG loaders to test the equipment in the order. French expert employed by the African client made very strict acceptance of the equipment. According to the construction demands and bidding requirements, the French expert made a checklist in dozens of pages to review the technical parameters of the equipment while operating the machines on site, giving scores to more than 100 indicators in a dozen of categories such as performance, configuration and operation comfort.


The French expert and XCMG technician were confirming the technical parameters


When accepting the XCMG’s LW400KN loader, the French expert confirmed one by one the basic parameters of the loader bucket, materials and width of the steel, etc. At the same time, the overseas manager gave detailed introduction to the expert panel the excellent performance of LW400KN, its suitable working conditions and cases of application in various working conditions.


French expert was accepting XCMG’s LW400KN loader


The XT870 loader, which will be exported together with LW400KN to West Africa, is a multiple-function engineering machine that combining excavation and loading, which is suitable for a few operations such as excavation, shoveling, loading, carrying and leveling. Equipped with various accessories, it is able to meet multiple working requirements.

 “I have been to production facilities of many brands to accept products. This large, modern and intelligent facility of XCMG is rarely seen in the world. The most important is that the parameters of XCMG loaders highly match the customizing indicators. Some parameters are even higher than the requirements. This has consolidated my confidence in the quality of XCMG products”.


French expert was testing the hoisting performance of XCMG loader


After making the very strict test and review, the French expert, at first, thanked XCMG Loader for the great emphasis on the testing visit, and gave great praise to the excellent performance of XCMG loaders and backhoe loaders, and to the market position of XCMG brand, saying XCMG is the priority choice of the subsequent purchase and promising he would recommend XCMG products to other clients of his.


The French expert gave great praise to the quality of XCMG loaders


Behind the success of acceptance is the hard work and dedication of XCMG employees. In July and August in Xuzhou, workers worked in the factory in the middle of hot summer with their body covered by sweat. However, the hot weather never stops the craftsmanship and precision of XCMG and its principle of user priority. Because of this, the LW400KN loaders and XT870 backhoe loaders were completed on time. Immediately after they were manufactured, the technicians and product manager reached the site to make quality inspection and debugging of the equipment, in spite of the rain, in accordance with bidding requirements raised by the government of the West African country.


The technicians and product manager were debugging the vehicle in the rain.