XCMG Large Mining Machines Are Used in South Africa Mines

On July 14, 2018, XCMG delivered the first six units of mining equipment to a mine company in South Africa, marking large XCMG mining products entering the local market in the country.



The first batch of mining equipment involves three XDA40 mine articulated trucks, one XE470D excavator, one GR2405 mine grader and one LW1200KN, the largest-tonnage loader in China. In the future, more orders will be signed between the two parties.


XDA40 mine articulated truck


XE470D excavator


GR2405 mine grader


LW1200KN, the largest-tonnage loader in China


XCMG products reached the site and experienced PDI test by the client. After that, they still need to experience more critical third-party testing. When the third-party testing company was accepting the XCMG mine articulated truck, it happened to rain heavily. The XCMG mine articulated truck drove on the muddy and abrupt roads to and fro, perfectly revealing its excellent performance.


The third-party testing company is testing the articulated truck of XCMG


Even more, when making 50-hour empty-load test and full-load test, XCMG equipment also made exceptional performance. The project manager JOHN said proudly, “XCMG products really can stand the test, consolidating my trust in purchasing XCMG products.” 

It is known that South Africa is the high-end market in Africa. For a long time, the supply of mining equipment is constrained by policy barriers of the local government. XCMG South Africa spent one year communicating with local clients and invited them to its production facility. The clients are deeply impressed by the efficient solutions, premium product quality and services. In the end, the cooperation and win-win situation are made.