XCMG Manufactures New Guardrail Cleaning Truck

The urban road guardrails regulate and protect the transport of every citizen. However, sanitation of guardrails is really troublesome. In addition to the difficult cleaning, the sanitary staff finds their safety in danger when walking in the busy traffic. Days ago, XCMG Environment manufactured the new guardrail cleaning truck XZJ5070GQXQ5, whose rolling brush makes the guardrails quite clean.



Working theory

When the guardrail cleaning truck drives on roads with guardrails, the main engine makes the truck drive at a certain speed.

Then the secondary engine is started, which powers the hydraulic oil pump to control the horizontal expansion cylinder and open the rolling brush mechanism. By controlling the hoist cylinder, it adjusts the height of the rolling brush mechanism; by controlling the swing cylinder of the rolling brush, it operates the external rolling brush to make 90° swing so that the truck stays close to the guardrails and the rolling brush can clamp the guardrails. By adjusting the rolling brush gap adjusting cylinder, it controls the distance between the external rolling brush and the guardrails.

When the position is confirmed, it controls the high-pressure and low-pressure water pumps and water route controllers to make high-pressure and low-pressure nozzles sprinkle. At the same time, rolling brush motor drives the brush to roll. In this way, the guardrail cleaning truck starts to operate.

When the truck drives to the end of the guardrails, it can drive away directly. When it needs to drive away in the middle of the guardrails, or needs to change the working site, it can control the external rolling brush swing cylinder to ensure the external rolling brush makes 90° swing before driving away.



X1 new-generation intelligent tech: intelligent control system

The product is equipped with guardrail cleaning truck intelligent control system with IPR owned by XCMG. The system was jointly developed by XCMG Environment and XCMG Institute. In addition to the regular movement control of guardrail cleaning truck, it also has such functions as the one-button automatic expansion/positioning of cleaning/sweeping mechanism, and automatic skew detection technology, which ensures the automatic retraction/release of rolling brushes in certain distance so as to guarantee the safety of the truck and guardrails.

Technical advantages of new-generation X1: patents

The new guardrail cleaning truck, developed by XCMG Environment steered by the market and driven by technical innovations, has obtained five patents. The invention patent in China Self-adaptive Adjusting/Control Apparatus and Methods of Guardrail Cleaning Truck Rolling Brush has evident advantages when compared with existing products and similar products of the competitors.

In the future, XCMG Environment will, based on the real-life demands, launch more sanitation facilities to help urban environment cleaning get onto a new level.