Break Through International Monopoly! XCMG’s 2-M Super-Large Milling Machine Firstly Lands North America

Recently, XCMG 2-meter super-large milling machine XM200, China’s first super-large road building milling equipment arrived at the Manzanillo Port, breaking through the monopoly of Europe’s business tycoon in local market.


XCMG Service Staff and Agent in Equipment Delivery Site


Mexico is the member state of NATO. For a long time, due to geographical reason, American machinery has the advantage in convenient purchase and tariff exemption, making American brand machinery account for nearly half of local market. Meanwhile, the local second-hand equipment market is also developed due to its fascinating price. Traditional thinking set makes the local machinery clients not so interested in China’s machinery.

Therefore, why the Mexican client is so into XCMG product this time?


Power of Brand     Guarantee of Quality

Going through 75 years’ development and accumulation, XCMG today has ranked top in China’s construction machinery industry for 29 years in a row. In April this year, in 2018 YELLOW TABLE released by British KHL Group, XCMG ranked 6th in the world, becoming the only China brand who continuously goes into World top 10 in recent years. XCMG’s brand influence cannot be ignored.



Actively practicing the golden standard of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”, XCMG product quality is truly exceptional in the machinery industry. The XM-series road milling machine exported to Mexico is one of XCMG’s main machines used for the pavement maintenance construction of asphalt concrete roads. XM200, hailed as the cutting-edge, is one of the most advanced and biggest road construction machinery in domestic industry. It is applied for the great-power road milling operation featuring big scale, heavy load and high efficiency.


XM200 road milling machine


Complete after-sale  Thoughtful service

To better learn the customer’s need and serve them well toward the operation, usage and daily maintenance of XM200 machine, and to make the client more satisfied, XCMG Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd dispatched the service staff for after-sale service in Mexico since the arrival of the machinery.


XCMG Service Staff Installed and Debugged the Machine with Client’s Technician


XCMG service staff started assembling and debugging immediately after the machine arrived. Though it is short of proper hoisting equipment for the hoisting of conveyor belt, the service staff assembled the conveyor belt depending on the lifting feature of milling machine. To solve the accuracy problem that is impossible to solve only with machine’s lifting function, our service staff completed the installation with the forklifting function of forklift. The adaptability to changes and rich experience of XCMG service staff impressed the client’s technician. They all thumbed up to show admiration.


Teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish

When learned that the client’s technician knew little about milling machine, the business personnel and service personnel of XCMG Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd carried out training toward the technician and the machine drivers according to the client’s need. To let the client better understand the usage of the machine, XCMG service staff described the structure, function and points needed to be noted of each machine part on site, and showed them the whole set of operation process for the client’s operator.


XCMG Service Staff Shows the Client Operator How to Operate the Machine for the Whole Process.


In addition, installation staff set the scene simulation on site toward the inspection and maintenance toward machine default. While adding the fun of the training, the client operator also mastered the relative knowledge rapidly through it.  And it also deepened the client operator’s understanding of operation process and the prediction of maintenance through listing and answering any possible problems in the future.


Client’s First Machine Road Test


After four weeks, we harvested great fruits with hard work. The client’s machine driver can be expert at the operation of the machine and had mastered primary techniques. The excellent performance of XCMG milling machine and the meticulous service of XCMG technicians are appreciated by the client.


XCMG in Mexico
In the mid 2015, XCMG established the agency in Mexico City, capital of Mexico. Its main business covers all varieties of crane, pilling machinery, earthmoving and road building equipment. At present, XCMG’s sale channel mode of agency + distributor basically formed, covering the middle and eastern regions of Mexico. With the increasing popularity of XCMG brand, it has greater influence in North American market and gets more attention from construction machinery clients.


2017 XCMG Product in AGEDI Expo, Mexico’s Largest Hoisting Machinery Industry Expo