New-breakthrough in E-commerce| XCMG Well Drilling Rig Exported to Argentina for the First Time

Recently, a whole set of XCMG XSL7/350 well drilling rig was exported through XCMG’s e-commerce website for the first time and delivered on time to Argentinean client. It will serve in the drilling of geothermal air conditioner’s hole for local mining industry.


XSL7/350 Successfully Arrived at Argentina


Through XCMG e-commerce platform, Castro Brothers in Argentina found their favorite XCMG well drilling rig product. They went on a trip immediately toward XCMG, having a visit in XCMG to have an all-round understanding toward the performance of well drilling rig.


Argentina Client Was Evaluating the Comprehensive Power of XCMG


Over 20-Hour Trip Doesn’t Temper Their Enthusiasm


According the client’s requirement and local geological environment, XCMG E-commerce studied the solution for them with XCMG Foundation, to customize the well drilling rig used for both slurry and aerodynamic force. Argentinean client approved the technology solution and thoughtful service guarantee, showing they are willing to promote for XCMG’s well drilling rig, making more clients aware of our good-quality product and thoughtful service.


Client Learned About the Performance and Technology of XSL7/350


 XCMG started to be engaged in crawler-type well drilling rig development and research area in 2015. The first XSL crawler-type well drilling rig was put into market at that time. Owing to its safety, reliability, automation, and intelligence, this product greatly improves the construction efficiency. It’s so popular that the supply cannot satisfy the demand. It’s highly approved by the user.


Take a Photo Before XCMG XSL7/350


Since 2018, XCMG well drilling rig was quickly put into industrialization. Well drilling rig industry was blossoming soon. 17 sets for Nobao Group Qinhuangdao geothermal heat pump project were dispatched in batch in March. This first order of well drilling rig since the establishment of XCMG Foundation became the first biggest order of China’s well drilling rig. Since the well drilling rig started to work, they completed the construction successfully of the first hole which is 138 mm in diameter and 150 cm in depth. Now the construction goes into whole construction, winning the user’s approval.


17 Well Drilling Rigs Delivered From XCMG


What is the well drilling rig used for?


Characteristics of XCMG XSL crawler-type well drilling rig


1. The whole machine is compact in layout and small in size, meeting the requirements of well drilling in a yard and transportation in culvert.
2. The power head has two driving modes with wider ground layer adaptability.
3. It adopts retractable drill mast (optional for box drill mast), which can meet the requirements of long casing construction with high work efficiency.
4. Integrated visual compression and decompression feed system, which can finely adjust the drilling pressure according to the drilling depth.
5. Configure four hydraulic high-legs to achieve rapid leveling of the rig without hoisting.
6. Rotary centering device provides a wide working space when working.
7. Optional external floating spindle is selected to increase the thread life of the drill pipe by 30%.