This “World First Crane” which can Lift 2000 Vehicles and 90 Tanks is Blooming again!

Do you know the 70-story-high “world first crane” which can lift the weight equivalent to 2000 vehicles and 90 main battle tanks?



On August 17, 2018, the sales signing ceremony of the second XCMG 4000t crawler crane XGC88000 was held; the largest travelling crane in the world made another breakthrough in the market.

Chen Weidong, the General Manager of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Han Zhipeng, the Chairman of Hengli Yongtai signed the contract on behalf of the parties. Wang Min, the Chairman of XCMG and Secretary of the Party Committee, and the operation team of the purchasing organization, Hengli Yongtai Company, presented at the signing ceremony jointly to witness such historical moment.


Chen Weidong, the General Manager of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Han Zhipeng, the Chairman of Hengli Yongtai signed the contract on behalf of the parties.


The Chairman Han Zhipeng believes that XCMG is the best construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, and the investment shareholders of Hengli Yongtai own the highest level of general contract qualification for petrochemical projects and possess rich construction experience in national major energy-work construction project; this powerful cooperation will make the compressive win-win in career development and enterprise value.


Group Photo of Signing Ceremony


During 5 years from the first 4000t crawler crane put into actual construction application to the second 4000t crawler crane contract signed, more than 40 times of hoisting beyond 1500t have been conducted successfully, and the total hoisting weight closest to 100,000 t; it is a vivid made-in-China card, which has been spread across the most of China, undertaken so many great responsibilities and accomplished every mission successfully.



The successful first hoisting of XGC88000 in Yantai Wanhua Industry Park caused great response in the industry; the Principal of Sinopec project introduced that: “the diameter of propylene tower for on-site hoisting is 14.4m, the height of which is 118m and the total hoisting weight is 1680t; in case of no super-tonnage crane, it has to be separated section-by-section for hoisting, and then be welded layer-by-layer; the entire work duration lasts for three months, and high security risks exist. However, XCMG 4000t crawler crane only requires 5 hours to complete the hoisting task safely and effectively, the direct economic profit brought by it is very huge.”

Fight north and south for “top of the world” with glories

The first hoisting in Yantai is only a beginning; XGC88000 has approached Ningxia in only one month later, and it has been introduced into the construction site to complete important works. On-load driving and slewing hoisting; 54.4m high and 9.6m in diameter; the 2155t Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reactor for 4 million tonnages/year indirect liquefaction project of coal has been installed steadily, and the entire process only took 2.5 hours. Under the blooming salute, XGC88000 crawler cranes are in fine fettle, and under the blue sky and white clouds, the responsibility of the Pillar of a Great Power is fully revealed.



The wheel of time keeps running; under the attention of all audiences on the combined petrochemical project site in Quangang District of Quanzhou City, the XGC88000 crawler crane hoisted the most difficult washing tower in place with its giant boom. Although it only “served” for one year, it was the most impressive show of the “world first crane” hoisting the total weight exceeding 1500t for the tenth time.

“This huge machine is of the best stability; all actions are completed smoothly; it does not require changes in working conditions for the hoisting of large pieces, which can reduce the time taken in condition transformation and provide strong support to the timely completion of projects”, the Project Principal praised.

Advantages of XGC88000 crawler crane are fully displayed in large hoisting, especially the difficult hoisting, which is also the huge visible return brought by scientific and technical innovation; it is the achievement brought by scientific and technical innovation to this age.



On November 12, 2014, the second super-tonnage XGC88000 crawler crane stood still and got ready to distinguish itself in Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. large-tonnage debugging filed under the bright sky. Technicians cooperated with debugging staff to carry out the final inspection and record all data before hoisting. With the issuance of order and the roar of the engine, the ceremony was started – on site, the XGC88000 crawler crane raised its 60m boom easily and lifted 4500t debugging weights easily and steadily; then it put such weights to the designed place accurately after staying in the sky for 20 minutes; the entire process is safe, stable and effective.


In the end of 2017, the second XGC88000 crawler crane achieved a rare wonder of the world under the name of the world’s number one, and under the close cooperation between XCMG star product XGC16000 crawler crane and XGC88000, the maximum ethylene cracking facilities in the world has been completed smoothly.