Exported to Australia in Batches, China's Maximum Tonnage Loaders are Advancing into the Top Mining Market in the World

On August 16, XCMG manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders made great overseas achievements again in early autumn; the starting ceremony for more than 10 sets of China’s maximum tonnage loaders of XCMG LW1200KN exported to Australia in batches – “The Pillar of a Great Power, National Brands” -- was held here ceremoniously.

More than 300 leaders, guests and employees from XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit and XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd, etc. witnessed another important moment in the development process of China’s engineering machines together.


Liu Jiansen, the Assistant President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd, Delivered a Speech at the Ceremony


XCMG always takes the field of complete sets of large mining machineries as the strategic industry for sustained strong input, and breakthrough improvement has been achieved in the product, technology, quality and market. The export of China’s maximum tonnage loader LW1200KN does not only enrich the product type exported from XCMG to the high-end mining market of Australia, but also further present the strong ability of XCMG in providing complete equipment solutions to overseas high-end mining users!

Liu Jiansen, the Assistant President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd, believes that the reason why XCMG can make great achievements in high-end mining market is the implementation of the gold action standard – “leading technology, everlasting products”, so that high-quality products can be provided to the world consistently. In the meanwhile, the focus on overseas large mining clients and large projects and the ascendency in export growth and export quality than the industry and main competitors ensure the new breakthrough improvement made by XCMG in the mining filed.


Starting Ceremony for XCMG LW1200KN Mining Loader Exported to Australia in Batches


As the leader in China construction machinery industry, XCMG always sticks to the core value of “taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals, making great achievements” and the internationalization direction. Currently, XCMG products have been exported to more than 182 countries and regions, and the global popularity and reputation of XCMG is increasing, which is advancing to the high-end and world-level summit goal.

Large mining machinery is the industrial sector in which XCMG accelerates industrial structure adjustment for high-end and key development. With persevering effort, XCMH has made great achievements in mining machinery, which can meet demands of large surface mine construction and stripping comprehensively and in complete sets.

XCMG LW1200K is the loader with maximum tonnage developed and manufactured in China as of today. This project of exporting to Australian iron ore is the in-batch export of such machine type in the largest scale. XCMG LW1200K will be used in the operation in the mine with super hardness under extreme environment with the high temperature of 50 degree centigrade, mosquitoes raging and secluded area.

Therefore, the investigation team consisting of sales personnel from XCMG Earth Moving, XCMG Import and Export, overseas dealers have visited mines of Australian clients for many times, and have conducted in-depth communication with clients’ team; Meanwhile, the investigation team invited local mining machinery construction experts of clients to conduct inspection on XCMG site for continuous improvement. Finally, XCMG prepared the complete solution specially for clients from R&D, manufacture, sales, services and spare parts, etc., which won the trust of clients and big orders.


XCMG LW1200KN Mining Loader Ready to Start


According to standards and requirement on Australian mine conditions, XCMG have altered 38 items in product schemes and 88 items in technical improvements during the project implementation process, so that the TCO all-round custom services are provided to clients. Meanwhile, XCMG also has established requirements on 40,000 hours service life of the complete machine and key parts, 10,000 hours for overhaul and availability ratio over 90%.


XCMG LW1200KN Mining Loader Started according to Start Command