3D Printing Makes Contribution to Development of New Energy Export Products by Virtue of Product Customization

Recently, XCMG heavy-duty truck announced the homemade new energy vehicle has been successfully developed and test-assembled. Through overcoming the technical difficulties by innovatively using 3D cloud printing technology, the XCMG heavy-duty truck has achieved the test-assembly of the export model EAA112R new energy vehicle in the shortest time while ensuring the quality of printed products, which will further improve the spectrum and market positioning of new energy vehicle of XCMG heavy-duty truck.

The prototype is about to be delivered. In view of the major challenge of long cycle and tight time for off-tooling of interiors including the cab console shield, combination instrument cover, and the cover plate puller, XCMG heavy-duty truck completed the whole process from data design to assembly within only five days using 3D printing technology, greatly accelerating the R&D of the prototype. What is more, under the current situation that there are still many technical difficulties to be overcome in 3D printing technology, the 3D printing parts of XCMG heavy-duty truck have all met the requirements of mold parts in terms of strength, rigidity, accuracy, stability and surface finish.


The EAA112R new energy vehicle fully draws on the research and design experience of the 8 - ton left-rudder EAA112 garbage compression vehicle. Using 3D cloud printing technology as a medium, XCMG heavy-duty truck has carried out a number of innovations in the body, steering, frame, battery pack and other systems of the new model. The new energy vehicle has received the praise of foreign test-drive customers and also won XCMG heavy-duty truck high recognition.



3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology. Based on digital model files, it uses bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic to construct objects through layer-by-layer printing and laser sintering. 3D printing features short production cycle, personalized manufacturing, no need for mold, and wide application fields.


"3D printing technology has changed the traditional thinking of automobile manufacturing for a hundred years by means of subversive molding, which will also have a great influence on the traditional production mode in automobile manufacturing. The development and application of this technology will bring much more opportunities than challenges to the automobile industry." - Fu Yuwu, former President of Society of Automotive Engineers of China


Judging from the application of 3D printing at home and abroad, major automotive manufacturers are paying great attention to the integration of 3D printing technology and automotive product development. XCMG heavy-duty truck, which has always insisted on innovation-driven strategy, will take the difficulties of the industry as the breakthrough points in the future. It will go further along the path of intelligent manufacturing. When applying 3D printing technology across industries, it will pay more attention to the development of new design concepts, material formulas and modeling techniques, so that the manufactured parts can not only meet the needs of customization, but also rival mold parts in hardness, rigidity, molding stability, surface accuracy and other aspects.