XCMG Mining Dumpers Make Contribution to Mine Construction in Inner Mongolia

Recently, XCMG heavy-duty truck has won an order of more than 50 mining dumpers valued at over USD 2 million with outstanding product quality and strong brand influence. The dumpers will be used for mine construction in Inner Mongolia. An epitome of customers’ recognition of the brand, XCMG has been ranked 1st for five consecutive years in the non-highway dumper industry.


In order to cement the customers’ understanding of XCMG and further strengthen their confidence in XCMG heavy-duty truck, XCMG had repeatedly invited the customers to XCMG. By visiting and inspecting the intelligent production workshop, listening to vehicle introduction, personal experience, project matching, and fine accounting, the customers had a good image of the advantages and characteristics of XCMG heavy-duty truck. During the comparison with other competing products, the customers were impressed by the complete set of services customized by the heavy-duty truck, and finally decided to choose "XCMG Power", and purchased 50 mining dumpers in full payment.


Hailed as the star of the order, T-series mining dumper is a heavy-duty product specially adjusted and developed based on the customers’ needs and in view of the harsh transportation conditions such as gravel roads, soft cherubim and steep slopes in the mining areas. Made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and stamped by the integrated die, the dumper features high strength and strong anti-collision capability. By adopting four-point suspension technology and airbag seat, it achieves the best shock absorption effect in various road conditions, allowing for comfort while ensuring safety.


Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are the new centers in the mineral industry. Relying on its keen business insight, XCMG heavy-duty truck has been making contribution to western mining industry. This order has not only expanded XCMG's brand influence in the large mining areas in Inner Mongolia, won it high recognition from customers, but also showcased XCMG heavy-duty truck's commitments to the gold standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" of mining equipment.