XCMG Exports XR400E Rotary Drilling Rigs to Sri Lanka

Not long ago, four units of XR400E drilling rigs of XCMG were exported to Sri Lanka to help with construction projects along the Belt & Road.

Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl on the Indian Ocean. At the same time, it has complex geological conditions with rock strength exceeding 80Mpa. As a result, the pile foundation construction is very difficult. XR400E is the large-tonnage model launched by XCMG Foundation for hard-rock stratum. As the representative product of XCMG E-series rotary drilling rigs, XR400E has captured industry attention since it is launched. After comparing the construction performance of China’s rigs with its overseas competitors, the Sri Lanka clients selected the XCMG model.

By entering the hard-rock construction market in Sri Lanka, XCMG’s XR400E has got the upper hand in the fierce competition while presenting the power of its rotary drilling rig as the champion in the single-item competition.