XCMG Tower Crane Helps Boost Building along Yangtze River Economic Belt

When you view the map of China, you will find a region resembling a flying dragon, which contributes more than 45% of economic aggregate in China and is home to over 40% of China’s population.

This region also attracts great attention even seen on the world map. Here,you can find both the global financial center and regions with heavy task of poverty alleviation. “The Yangtze River Economic Belt has become the major force that steers high-quality economic growth in China”.

As the Yangtze River Economic Belt transforms and upgrades its industries, the major cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt are working hard to abandon the coarse development pattern, eliminate the backward and low-end industries, introduce and develop medium and high-end industries, and build modern economic system along the Economic Belt. They are targeting at strategic investments in the green industry projects that can push forward reform and upgrading of manufacturing industry and infrastructures of industrial Internet, in the green transport corridor and liveable green urban development.

APC6013-8 Talents Home Project in Chengdu of Sichuan


Thanks to its wonderful market performance and best reputation, XCMG Tower Crane is seen frequently along the Yangtze River Economic Belt. In Chengdu, Nanjing, Chongqing and Shanghai, the golden XCMG machines are seen busy on the construction sites, helping to build these cities. 

XGT8020-160 builds Nanjimen Yangtze River Bridge Rail Transport Project in Chongqing

Following the standard of “leading technologies and durability”, XCMG Tower Crane adopts the industry-leading large safety margin design technology and structure optimization & matching technology, so as to ensure the vehicle structural strength, stiffness and safety are better and the products are more robust and durable. The arm life cycle is doubled. Nowadays, the product is extensively used in public works, bridges, water conservancy, building of power facilities, ports, subways and super high buildings, etc. 

XGT125 (6513-8) builds China Communications City in Hanyang, Wuhan

XCP330HG (7525-16) builds the residence project in Nanjing of Jiangsu

XGT7530-20 builds New Xiangwan School in Shanghai


After six decades of efforts and dedication, XCMG Crane Tower has grown into the world-class manufacturer of construction crane machinery. It has the holistic construction crane product series, including the 80-3,500t•m tower top, cab over and moving arm tower cranes and medium and high-speed construction elevators. The XCMG Crane Tower is helping build the entire world. In the future, XCMG Tower Crane will target at manufacturing the safest tower cranes and construction elevators, thus continuing to provide solutions to construction in the world.