LW500KV Loader of XCMG Improves Loading Efficiency by 30%

In a railway dispatching station in Central China, four XCMG LW500KV loaders were sorting out materials on the platform right before the next train arrived. Seeing the service staff from XCMG, Mr. Zhang, the head of the dispatching station, started to chat with the staff.

We have cold winter here and special working conditions, which have very high requirements for the hydraulic system, fuel system and control of loaders. XCMG has sent its salespeople and R&D staff to study our operation environment and special demands so as to make customized design according to actual working conditions. XCMG has made it!



According to Mr. Zhang, before using XCMG products, the dispatching station found the equipment of other brands were not able to handle the considerable increase in the freight volume recorded in the past two years. It became inevitable to change the equipment. Before that, the other departments of the Group that owns the dispatching station had already purchased nearly 50 XCMG loaders.



When discussing with these departments, Mr. Zhang was attracted by the unique design of the XCMG loaders that can greatly lengthen the life cycle of bucket cutting board.

Before using XCMG loaders, the cutting board was worn quickly due to the working conditions, which had to be replaced every month at most. It was really expensive and time-consuming to replace cutting boards on all the loaders working for the Group. By upgrading the cutting board, XCMG saves a large sum of operating cost for the users while improving the working efficiency. Starting with the demands of clients, XCMG adapts to working conditions, which make us feel assured and touched.


Loaded within three hours, the loading efficiency is improved by 30%

Different from other logistic sectors, railway freight has very strict requirements for loading precision and timing. “Here we need to load goods into 55-60 train carriages within three hours. The weight error of 70t carriages needs to be controlled at 0.1-0.2 tons. The error is not allowed to exceed this scope”

We control precision by using the electronic scale mounted on the loader. The load timing completely relies on operating efficiency of the loader, which requires high reliability, wonderful control and flexibility of the loader.





The platform has narrow operating site. Distance between cargo and railway is only 3.3 meters, which makes possible the simultaneous operation of only 10 units of 5t loaders. In 2017, as the transport volume increased, it required loading of one train within 3 hours. However, the equipment at that time often postponed the loading completion by 1-2 hours, thus impacting greatly on the dispatching station.

The loading efficiency has been improved evidently after the four units of XCMG LW500KV loaders came. They can complete the same loading mission within 3 hours, with efficiency improved by 30%. If all the 10 units were replaced by XCMG loaders, the efficiency would be increased more.

While meeting the user demands by customizing products, XCMG has also made commitment to users to “provide best service in the entire process”. Because operating time in the dispatching station completely relies on timetable of cargo trains, XCMG has dispatched service staff and vehicles there to provide 24-hour service and ensure loading efficiency. At the same time, it has set up the spare-part warehouse to help users improve the value.

The XCMG loaders, featured by “leading technology and everlasting products”, have win praise and trust with their quality and reliability. It provides users with the premium service. XCMG will continue to lead development of loader industry.