Case of XCMG LW1200KN large-tonnage Loaders Working in Mongolia Mine

In the coal washery in an open-pit coal mine on the isolated Gobi desert in Omnogovi of Mongolia, a row of heavy-duty trucks were ready to be loaded with clean coals. Not faraway, one unit of XCMG’s LW1200KN, the largest-tonnage loader ever made in China, was doing shoveling work in the hot sunshine.Omnogovi, lying in the southernmost point of Mongolia, borders with China. It has deserts to the south and Gebi deserts to the north. With the sea level standing at 1,300-1,600m, it gains fame because of the rich mineral resources, in particular charcoals and copper mines. Till today, the charcoal and copper mines with largest proved reserves in Mongolia are located right here.



One month after LW1200KN loader of XCMG reached the mine, the workers were amazed by the excellent performance of the new equipment such as the fuel saving, efficiency and easy control, etc.

As the major pivot along the Belt & Road, Mongolia is having frequent trade and economic exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road in recent years. Due to the overcapacity cut in China and rising price of commodities in the world in 2017, evident growth was recorded in export of mineral products, in particular the export of coals in Mongolia compared with 2016. In the beginning of 2018, mineral market in Mongolia continued the development trend of 2017. For large coal companies in Mongolia that face the rapidly-growing coal demands, it is necessary to introduce the large and quality mining equipment.



In the past, most large-tonnage loaders in Mongolia were brands from US or Europe. However, as China’s brands of engineering machinery represented by XCMG keep upgrading the technologies of large-tonnage loaders, and as XCMG expands its sales network and production marketing, and because of the “leading technology and everlasting products” and “premium service in the whole process”, more and more XCMG’s large-tonnage loaders are entering Mongolia, whose brand recognition keeps rising.



Our mine has very huge operation quantity on a daily basis. The large-tonnage loaders are indispensable. After making on-site study and test driving, LW1200KN loader of XCMG does have reliable performance and quality. I never knew technological and production power of China’s brands was so great. The quality commitment made by XCMG to “leading technology and everlasting products” also assures us. We have made the right choice to select XCMG products.



In the beginning of 2018, Mr. Baya Lehu, the Equipment General Manager of the mine headed operators and equipment management staff with rich experience to visit Xuzhou, making site visit to XCMG brand and LW1200KN loaders while giving high praise to it.The LW1200KN loader of XCMG is stable and comfortable. In particular, the pilot control is more convenient and easier than the previous mechanical operations. The three operators worked in three shifts while the equipment worked more than 20 hours a day. No breakdown was recorded in the six-month working period.



With only 65 fuel units, LW1200KN of XCMG can load larger volume. I was surprised greatly by it when I made the first shift fuel filling.



Zhang Lue, the Service Manager of XCMG Loaders stayed in the Mongolia mine for one month to provide product training including safe operations, routine maintenance and plain repairs. He fulfilled XCMG commitment to premium service by making thorough dedications.



The service training aims to help users skillfully master operation and regular maintenance technologies. XCMG’s LW1200KN loader has huge dimensions. As a result, local operators who make the single-handle pilot control for the first time need systematic training on operation. It is necessary to prioritize the work safety. At the same time, in light of the sandy operating environment on Gobi desert, the timely and correct maintenance is indispensable to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.


XCMG has set up spare-part warehouse for large-tonnage loaders in the mine


In addition to the on-site training, XCMG also sets up spare-part warehouse for large-tonnage loaders to ensure sufficient stock and timely change. The warehouse stands by all day long to make sure the large-tonnage loaders are usable 24 hours a day on the Gobi desert in Mongolia. The XCMG solutions have received orders for the 12t equipment to replace all the old ones.