(INTERMAT ASEAN 2018)XCMG Products Exhibited in INTERMAT ASEAN 2018 in Thailand

On September 6-8, 2018, the INTERMAT ASEAN 2018 was held in IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok. As the leading manufacturer of engineering machinery in China, XCMG was also China’s largest exhibitor present at INTERMAT ASEAN 2018. XCMG exhibited cranes, loaders, heavy-duty trucks, graders and aerial work platforms and other models that are suitable for SE Asia. They became the most attractive highlights in the event.


XCMG products were exhibited in INTERMAT ASEAN 2018


On the opening date, XCMG booth was crowded with visitors. As the representative of global engineering machinery industry, XCMG attracted many clients for business talks due to its powerful brand influence. In the three-day exhibition period, all XCMG exhibits were sold out and orders were placed for extra units, which proves the great brand influence of XCMG in SE Asia and Thailand in particular.


XCMG booth was crowded with clients


The staff was introducing products to local clients


Clients were making inquiry at the front desk of XCMG booths


The Thai client was test driving; the staff explained the product to him


The local trade associations and media also noticed the XCMG exhibits at the event. The President of Thai Association of Construction Contractors made presence at the XCMG booth to learn about development of XCMG in Thailand.

To better meet demands of SE Asian clients and local clients, XCMG not only exhibited the customized products to clients at the event, but also convened the 2018 XCMG Professional Products Technologies Sharing Conference in Southeast Asia just one day before the INTERMAT ASEAN 2018 was opened. It introduced multiple sets of engineering solutions mainly to clients in SE Asia and Thailand, including the solutions to hoisting engineering, solutions to road building and maintenance, and solutions to aerial fire control equipment and special vehicles, etc.


The customized equipment of XCMG was also exhibited in the event, which was made for Thai clients



2018 XCMG Professional Products Technologies Sharing Conference in Southeast Asia


2018 XCMG Professional Products Technologies Sharing Conference in Southeast Asia


When interviewed by local media, Mr. Zhang Guodong, Deputy Head of XCMG Import & Export, Asia-Pacific Department, said that XCMG has been present for 20 years in the market of Thailand, a major country involved in the Belt & Road Initiative.

In the first half of 2018, XCMG’s total sales volume in Thailand exceeded those of 2017. It is expected the total sales volume will grow by nearly 200%. Till today, hundreds of units of XCMG products have been sold in Thailand market.


XCMG excavators exported to Thailand