XCMG Drill Jumbo Helps Build Songshan Mountain Super-long Tunnel of Yanqing-Chongli Highway, A Project for 2022 Winter Olympics

Days ago, three TZ3A three-arm drill jumbos of XCMG Railway Equipment were delivered to the Project Department of Yangqing-Chongli Highway Hebei Section of a CCCC Ltd. Subsidiary. The Songshan Mountain Tunnel on Yanqing-Chongli Highway commenced the construction, which provides service for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Yanqing-Chongli Highway stretches about 113.7km, of which Beijing section is 32.5km long and the Hebei section is 81.2km long. There are five interchange crossovers, 18 bridges and 7 tunnels along the highway, with bridge & tunnel ratio reaching 87%.

Yanqing-Chongli Highway is the highway channel that secures direct access from Yanqing venue in Beijing to Chongli venue in Zhangjiakou for 2022 Winter Olympics. It is also the major transport project in the list of bidding commitments. According to Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, this highway will solve the problem of travel from Winter Olympics venues in Beijing to those in Chongli, shortening the travel time from four hours to one hour. Upon completion, it will become the express artery that connects Beijing downtown, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei. It is of vital importance for promoting economic and tourism development in Zhangjiakou.


Sketch of Yanqing-Chongli Highway


Located in Songshan Mountain National Nature Reserve, the Songshan Mountain Tunnel stretches about 9.4km. In the beginning, the original design was only 4.7km long. However, to avoid the core region of Songshan Mountain National Nature Reserve, the planning department selected a new environment-friendly route, changing the tunnel entrance and position of the crossover, moving the route from the core region to the buffer region. In the end, the construction length was doubled.



Drill jumbo was driving towards the tunnel construction site


Due to complex geology in Songshan Mountain, short construction period and heavy task, the tunneling risks and difficulties doubled. Considering such working conditions, XCMG Railway Equipment and the CCCC Ltd. subsidiary worked closely. They sent professional technical teams to collect and analyze data while making detailed construction plan. After making sufficient market comparisons and feasibility study, the CCCC Ltd. subsidiary decided to select three XCMG three-arm drill jumbos to participate in tunneling work.


Staff in the Project Department for Songshan Mountain Super-long Tunnel on Yanqing-Chongli Highway


To facilitate construction progress in the steady and efficient way, XCMG Railway Equipment dispatches dedicated maintenance staff for the Project Department, who are responsible for debugging, routine maintenance and operation etc. of the equipment. At the same time, XCMG also provides the Project Department with professional training on operations and maintenance, helping clients train the professional construction team of the tunnel engineering.


Maintenance container for the project


XCMG product working in Dazhong Mountain Tunnel on Inner Mongolia-Jiangxi Railway (archive photo)



XCMG products working in Dapan Mountain Tunnel on Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Highway (archive photo)