Sing in the New Era Vocal Music Competition Kicked off the 9th XCMG Employees Art Festival

The fascinating music and songs generate XCMG’s sound for the new era. The enchanting dances and heartwarming passion reveal the XCMG employees’ love of work. On the afternoon of September 8, the Sing in the New Era Vocal Music Competition kicked off the 9th XCMG Employees Art Festival in XCMG SCHWING.



New Era Vocal Music Competition in the 9th XCMG Employees Art Festival was viewed by its top leaders Wang Min, Lu Chuan, Yang Dongsheng, Li Ge and Zhang Shouhang, the professional stage art directors, professional judge Hu Yongming in Jiangsu Province, five Guest Judges including Association Professor Sun Jie of Jiangsu Normal University, Academy of Music and the Chinese Musicians’ Association, and 22 XCMG judges including Assistant General Manager Xu Xiaohui and Assistant President Jiang Lei. Also present at the Vocal Competition are more than 400 XCMG employees. 



Themed on Charming XCMG Shines in the New Era, the 9th XCMG Art Festival is designed to highlight the unique fascination of XCMG and pioneering spirit of its employees in the new era. At the same time, it will build a larger stage for employees, fully show their talents and highlight their personal abilities while presenting the charm of XCMG in the new era.

The Art Festival includes Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and seven competition, namely, Sing in the New Era Vocal Music Competition, Praise the New Era Reading Loud Competition, Rhythm in the New Era Dance Competition, Enjoy the New Era Cross Talk & Short Comedy Competition, Embrace New Era Chorus Competition, Impression on the New Era Photography Competition and Excellence in the New Era Talents Show.


Dance performance


The Sing in the New Era Vocal Competition presented many excellent competitors. More than 140 employees from 19 departments/branches/subsidiaries of XCMG competed in it. They sang 38 songs, including Concrete Year full of passion, the touching Love of Leaves to Roots, the exciting Fluttering Red Flags and the pleasant Glorious XCMG, which triggered applause of audience.

The XCMG Employees Art Festival is held every four years. It is not just an event to show the cultural and art ability of employees, but also functions as a platform where XCMG employees share their pleasure and excitement. The Sing in the New Era Vocal Competition in the 9th XCMG Art Festival has highlighted the cultural foundation and connotation of XCMG. Even more, it reveals the core value of XCMG “shoulder big, act big and achieve big”, and great ambition to become the best player in the industry, thus presenting the excellent art ability and performance of XCMG employees.