The 3rd XCMG Hope Primary School Trivial Wishes Campaign Started

On September 15, the 3rd XCMG Hope Primary School Trivial Wishes Experience Day was kicked off among the joyful songs of kids. 50 teachers and students came to XCMG from XCMG Hope Primary School in Fanlou Town of Fengxian County in Xuzhou. With great excitement and expectations, they started the colorful visit to XCMG Experience Day.



XCMG Hope Primary School Trivial Wishes Campaign is one of the 14 charity programs steered by the advocates of Chairman Wang Min for “global charity & precise charity”. The focus is to provide care to the primary school students living in remote minority ethnic areas, who are impoverished, have single parent or whose parents are working elsewhere. At the same time, the campaign can help the kids learn about engineering machinery products made in China so that they can help build the beautiful China and beautiful world when they grow up. 

Since 2009, XCMG has built 11 Hope Primary Schools in Cameroon of Africa and in Xiahe of Gansu Province, Ankang of Shaanxi Province and Fengxian County of Jiangsu Province. Till today, it has helped more than 20,000 dropped-off kids to return to campus, thus renewing their education and life ambition.



In the Intelligent Manufacturing Visit to XCMG production facility of large-tonnage loaders, the students were amazed by the hundreds of welding robots, the AGV, the robust digital cutting machines and in particular the constantly-operating PLC.

Seeing the loaders that were being assembled in the intelligent manufacturing workshops, the kids gradually developed interest in engineering machinery. XCMG also made the performance of skid steer loaders, which aroused great laughter and cheers. The more than 10 loaders raised high the bucket arms to welcome the future XCMG employees.

It was the first time for the 10-year-old Fang Li to see so many large engineering machinery. Learning how they were manufactured, he said in great excitement, “After growing up, I also wish to work in XCMG to build even larger and better machinery.”

On the site, Party Secretary Li also used three figures to introduce to the students the history and product ability of XCMG, namely, 75 (history of XCMG), 182 (countries and regions where XCMG products are exported) and 1 (XCMG takes No. 1 in engineering machinery industry in China for 29 years in a row).




Steered by the advocate “global charity & precise charity”, XCMG has always taken the core values “shoulder big, act big and achieve big”. With continuous efforts, it keeps practicing the charity value that XCMG makes better world.


Since 2016, XCMG has set up Global Scholarship in 11 schools of 8 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Laos, etc.


In 2016-2018, XCMG has built 81 water cellars in Africa


Over the past decade, XCMG Charity Programs have been playing an active role in various fields. Through the charity campaigns such as One Day Donation, Beautiful Countryside, Kids’ Dream, Donation for Education, Water Cellar in Africa, Best Operators in the World, Global Scholarship and XCMG Hope Primary School Trivial Wishes, XCMG has donated more than 100 million RMB to the communities. In 2017, XCMG made 14 charity programs in the world in the field of earthquake relief, poverty reduction, education, industrial development and environment. Because of these efforts, it received the Award of Outstanding Contributions for 2017 granted by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. It is also the first company in the industry that has won this prize.

Love gathers to become a river and dream pools to be powerful. XCMG will continue its efforts to fulfill its commitment to the motherland and make new contributions to a better world and sustainable development of human beings.