XCMG's Rotary Drilling Rigs Make Contributions to Construction of Xiongan Railway Station, the Largest One in Asia in the Future

Recently, XCMG's rotary drilling rigs successfully completed the construction of the first pile in Xiongan Railway Station, the largest one in Asia in the future. The completion of the casting of the first pile marks the official transition of Xiongan Railway Station from the preliminary temporary construction stage to the construction stage of the substantive main project. XCMG's rotary drilling rigs show their unique style on this important transport trunk line of national significance.

The Xiongan Railway Station is an elevated station with 26 turnout beams and 155 simply supported beams in the throat areas at both ends. The construction process of cast-in-place turnout beam group is complex, the effective construction time is short, and the organization of construction is difficult. In addition, the geology of Xiongan features soft soil, and the selection of models is biased in favor of XR 150, XR 180 and other small rotary drilling rigs. The pile diameter is 1 - 1.2m and the pile depth is 30 - 35m. XCMG’s rotary drilling rigs have won customers' praise for its high efficiency of boring each pile in 30 minutes. The high efficiency of 30-minute-boring coincides with the 30-minute journey from Beijing to Xiongan after the completion of the project.