A Sri Lankan Delegation Consisting of Cross-Party Ministers and Members of Parliament Paid a Special Visit to XCMG

On September 16, a Sri Lankan delegation consisting of cross-party ministers and members of parliament headed by Hon. R. M. Ranjith Madduma Bandara, Minister of Public Administration and Management and Minister of Law and Order & member of parliament, visited XCMG Group. 

A Sri Lankan delegation visited XCMG

On the same day, Lu Chuan, President of XCMG Machinery, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Group, and Chairman of XCMG Group Import & Export Co., Ltd, Wang Qingzhu, Vice President of XCMG Machinery, General Manager of XCMG Earth-moving Machinery Division, and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Sun Weimin, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Foreign Affairs Office, and Zhang Yanmei, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Group Import & Export Co., Ltd, accompanied the delegation throughout the visit. 

At XCMG Experience Hall, President Lu gave a detailed account of the development of XCMG Group in recent years to Bandara and other members. After 75 years of development, XCMG has developed into the China's largest multinational construction machinery manufacturing enterprise with international competitive edge. Ranked 6th in the global construction machinery industry and 1st in the Chinese construction machinery industry for 29 consecutive years, XCMG boasts the most complete construction machinery product line in the world- covering 14 categories and 39 industries.

President Lu briefed the delegation on XCMG's development


President Lu said: "Sri Lanka is an important hub along the "Belt and Road" Initiative especially the "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road". We hope that you will learn more about XCMG and our products. XCMG has many excellent equipment that can contribute to Sri Lankan economic construction. XCMG will help Sri Lankan people to achieve success." 

XCMG's rapid development in recent years amazed the delegation. Minister Bandara said it was a great honor to visit China's largest multinational construction machinery manufacturing enterprise, and XCMG's equipment can be seen in some of Sri Lankan major projects, cities and roads. He also extended a heartfelt gratitude to XCMG for helping Sri Lankan economic development.


"Close contact" with XCMG's excellent equipment”

Seeing is believing. In order to deepen the understanding, Bandara and members also visited XCMG Hoisting Machinery Division, XCMG Excavating Machinery Division, XCMG Earth-moving Machinery Division, XCMG Fire Truck Company and other relevant units. When the delegation arrived at every place of XCMG, XCMG's excellent equipment were highly praised by them.





Minister Bandara sat on the all-terrain crane that Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC, had sat on when he visited XCMG last year. 

The members of the delegation also came into close contact with XCMG fire trucks and aerial work platforms, and experienced the infinite charm of the great equipment for the world, which was also based on the high confidence of members of parliament in the quality of XCMG's products.



XCMG in Sri Lanka

China and Sri Lanka have a very deep friendship, and XCMG Group is actively involved in Sri Lankan economic construction and development. As early as 2003, XCMG Group's products were exported to Sri Lanka in batches. In 2009, Sri Lankan military purchased 318 units of construction machinery and equipment from XCMG for Sri Lankan post-war reconstruction. This is by far the largest order since Chinese construction machinery’s entry into into Sri Lanka. At present, Sri Lanka has nearly 1000 units of XCMG’s equipment. From January to July, 2018, XCMG's sales in Sri Lanka increased nearly fivefold year on year.

At present, a large number of XCMG equipment can be seen on a series of key project sites such as the construction of Colombo Port City in Sri Lanka, south expressway in Sri Lanka and ODEL shopping mall.


XCMG’s equipment contributed to construction of Sri Lankan Colombo Port City


The South Expressway Project in Sri Lankan under Construction


XCMG equipment contributed to ODEL shopping mall project in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka leg of XCMG's "Belt and Road" Initiative Service Journey