XCMG Aerial Platform Vehicles Help Build Power Transmission Corridors on the Belt and Road

Recently, a number of XCMG aerial platform vehicles have been shuttling back and force in the beautiful Wucaiwan area of Zhundong in Xinjiang, and assisting in the power supply protection project of the projects No.1 and No.2 of Wucaiwan North power plant number one, which supply power (110 kV) to the south mine, helping build a power transmission corridor along the Belt and Road economic belt. It is understood that XCMG aerial platform vehicles have been mainly assisting in the wire stringing and equipment installation and providing important equipment support for the project, which greatly improves work efficiency and provides important protection of aerial workers' personal safety. In June 2018, the relevant department in Xinjiang invited bidding for the construction of the project and XCMG aerial platform vehicles won the bidding smoothly because of their superior product performance, and better safety and reliability. The performance of the aerial platform vehicles has been appreciated by the construction party.