XCMG Grader Fight with Heavy Snowfall and Hilly Winter

1. With multiple functions, the XCMG grader becomes the first choice for snow removing.

XCMG graders are mainly used in highway, airport, farmland and other places for large-area ground leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, soil loosening, snow removing, and other operations. In cold areas, graders can be used for highway earthwork construction in spring, summer and autumn, and as snow removing equipment in winter. With relatively low price, high efficiency, convenient and flexible operation, and high control precision, the XCMG grader can realize multiple functions, and therefore draws attention of highway management. 

2. World's leading and most popularized on highways

In the snow removing operation, the grader usually occupies only one lane and does not affect the traffic order of other lanes. After the grader does a snow removing operation, accumulated snow on the road can be almost cleared. On highways covered by heavy snow and snowstorm, the advantage of the grader for snow removing is more remarkable. 2 or 3 graders can be combined to quickly and efficiently remove snow on highways according to specific width, guaranteeing road safety and smoothness. Up to now, thousands of XCMG graders have been used in snow removing operations of highways, general roads, factory roads, open pits, and large parking lots in cold regions. 


3. Seven highlights guaranteeing high-quality and efficient operations

XCMG graders past the test of the market, continuously improve the product technology, and rank the 1st in sales in China with the international advanced level technology. Seven unique snow removing highlights make snow removing operations in winter to be more efficient, reliable, safe, and comfortable.


1. Low-temperature startup provides good adaptability.

With an ultra-low temperature cold start system equipped, the XCMG grader can normally start and work in temperatures of greater than or equal to -40°.

2. Drum-type brake makes the grader to be safe & reliable.

With a brake system suitable for rainy and snowy weather equipped, the XCMG grader can ensure that the brake system is not frozen in snow removing conditions and better safety performance. 

3. Defrosted driver's cab provides better view.

Equipped with a double-deck windshield cab and high-power fan heater, the XCMG grader has a better defrosting effect and wider view.

4. Floating blade provides flexible contact.

A blade with a floating function is equipped, so the blade can better contact with the ground. Therefore, the XCMG grader provides better snow removing effect and has less damage to the ground. 

5. The overload protection device ensures high security.

The overload protection device is specially designed for snow removing conditions. The shovel blade unloads automatically when encountering collision. Therefore, the vehicle and the driver can be protected.

6. The warning device is more humanized.

The customized warning device is designed according to users' requirements and is more humanized.

7. Advanced and efficient snow removing tools 

Equipped with the 360° rotary blade and ±25° front shovel, the grader can push snow to destination places. The grader, with snow brush mounted in the rear part, can make the road surface clean and tidy. 

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