XCMG Footprints on the World Roof

Since the beginning of July this year, XCMG Crane has kicked off the campaign “Visit to Tibet and Mount Everest”. The journey started with Lhasa and ended with Mount Everest, lasting 90 days. XCMG team travelled 19,451km to visit 230 clients in Tibet, troubleshooting more than 600 cranes. 

Where is the place closest to the paradise?

It is in Tibet

The high Mount Everest, the long Yarlung Zangbo River, and the City of Sunlight Lhasa are where our heart and soul can rest

What is the most religious belief?

The XCMG team who have travelled on the World Roof for 90 days help all people find their original mission and direction.


Probably you have driven your own car travelling in Tibet.

You were attracted by the mysteries to know the paradise on the earth.

The XCMG Crane service team, by travelling in Tibet for 90 days, drove half of the earth in length.

In the long travel in Tibet, the belief of the XCMG team is more important than life.

With vast territory, Tibet takes one eighth of the Chinese land. The Going West campaign initiated by the Chinese government has attracted workers from all over China to the snow-covered plateau. The hoisting field is emitting great vitality. The thousands of XCMG cranes have contributed greatly to infrastructure building in Tibet. 

Some say those people immigrating from mainland China to Tibet are challenging the extremity with their own life. The young XCMG team, in 90 days, travelled nearly 20,000km. Their footprints are seen in all counties and construction sites in Tibet. They are seen wherever there are cranes. The team, whose average age is only 31, have been working in Tibet for nearly 10 years. Working on the World Roof with 5,000m sea level, they have to endure the thin air and bad weather. The young faces have now been withered by time and adverse environment. 

Building projects on the World Roof is a great challenge, testing the highest level of engineering projects in China, the craftsmanship of the Chinese workers and performance of construction machinery made in China. As a biz card of Made in China products, XCMG and its thousands of cranes working in Tibet are shocking the world with the premium quality. 

Each footprint of XCMG team along the 20,000km journey in Tibet is deeply embedded on the earth of the snow-covered plateau. XCMG spirit will be carried on because it represents the belief of XCMG people deserving the respect to the real economy in China.