Building a Community with 'Loads' of Love

XCMG’s construction equipment is known to be durable and tough, but we have another side – a softer side that has helped build a better world through transforming lives in where we live and work. In the construction machinery industry where efficiency, productivity and profitability are much emphasized, XCMG has never neglected the vision of giving back to the communities.


Adhering to the philanthropic philosophy, XCMG has not solely devoted materialistically to the communities – building global infrastructure, but also spiritually – expressing love and care to the people around. Over the course of years, XCMG has actively fulfilled the social missions with its world-class status in the construction machinery industry and achieved sustainable development goals.



Quality Education

XCMG believes that no one should be deprived of the rights to learn. Therefore XCMG invests in projects that provide rewarding and quality educational experience for youth. Acknowledging that lack of education is the root cause of poverty, XCMG has built primary schools for impoverished urban communities so that children who are out of schools because of the scarcity of resource can receive education and develop skills. Additionally, in 2016, XCMG issued scholarship to support talented university students specializing in the field of engineering in different countries such as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Pakistan, to help them pursue their dreams and contribute to the society.



Good Health and Well-Being

In recent years, as XCMG has expanded the overseas business, many XCMG employees working in Africa have witnessed children being infected by diseases and some of them have even lost their lives. In the light of the issue, in July 2018, together with the staff, XCMG raised funds and purchased long-lasting and insecticidal bed nets for families in Africa to protect them from mosquito-borne diseases while they sleep. By focusing on providing more funding to improve sanitation and hygiene, the enterprise hopes to make significant progress in saving the lives of the needy.



Clean Water and Sanitation

With the intensification of El Niño, since 2016, many towns in Africa have been experiencing extensive drought, heavy rainfall and flooding. This abnormal weather pattern afflicts some of the poorest countries in the world, worsening hunger and malnutrition. To improve sanitation and access to clean drinking water, XCMG has developed a care fund which is specifically used for cistern installation. By collecting and storing rainwater, the local communities can access to safe and affordable drinking water and fewer people will be suffering from water scarcity.


Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure

Without technology and innovation, industrial development will not happen. Therefore, keeping abreast of the constantly changing developments in technology is of paramount significance. XCMG regularly provides training and advanced courses to operators which aim at refining their skills, knowledge and awareness of machinery operation and industrial trends. We believe these kinds of training and courses would equip our staff to build resilient infrastructures and foster innovation.


The construction machinery industry has been one of the most powerful engines of development and XCMG, being a reputable construction machinery manufacturer, also gains momentum in social commitment to improve the quality of life of the needy around the globe.