bauma CHINA 2018丨XCMG Excavator’s DK Serious Products and Service Brand Released

From November 27 to 30, 2018, the bauma China held once every two years was grandly opened in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. XCMG, as the leader of the engineering machinery industry in China, brought its “steel products” to the exhibition. Its intelligent high-end equipment and smart solutions fully demonstrated XCMG’s strength of innovation and leading high-end brands.


On the first day of the exhibition, XCMG Excavator Machinery Business Department held the launching conference of DK series product and service brand with the theme of “Bearing Trust with Integrity and Leading Future with Intelligence”, and more than 300 domestic and overseas customer representatives, suppliers, agents and financial institution representatives participated in this event to witness this historical moment.

Mining is one of the important areas of excavation machinery construction application. In recent years, China’s mining industry keeps promoting transformation and upgrading, and the green and mechanized mining has become an irresistable trend. Meanwhile, higher requirements are also raised for excavators in this field with the severest working conditions.

By adhering to the innovation and focusing on the mine construction with the highest degree of difficulty to achieve the “most comprehensive application requirements in the most complicated construction conditions", XCMG Excavator, on the basis of the existing star product, D-series excavator, deeply investigated and surveyed the mine construction conditions and customer demands, and analyze more than 10,000 excavators used in heavy-duty conditions, and successfully developed the DK series high-end products suitable for heavy-duty conditions such as mine construction.

The fuel consumption of the whole machine is reduced by more than 5%, and even reduced by 20% under the crushing operation; the efficiency under the heavy duty in mines is increased by 10%, and the excavation strength is increased by 11%; the new rock bucket with bucket guard, mouth guard and side stiffener is used, bringing a better shock resistance and wear resistance; the service life of the overall working device is lengthened by 20%; and the adaptability of high temperature 50° is added... The DK series products released this time include seven new products such as 15t class, 22t class and 24t class, with advantages of “leading in three fields” of reliability, energy saving and efficiency and “stronger adaptability to two conditions” of crushing and mining, and it can be called as the “new benchmark” in the field of mining excavator in China.

With the rapid growth of the market, service is gradually becoming a powerful weapon for enterprises to win the market competition. As the leader of excavation machinery in China, XCMG always commits to providing product lifecycle service solutions and keeps exploring new service models in practice.



The concept of “lifecycle service” embodies XCMG Excavator’s service responsibility and brand pursuit of “creating customer value and helping customer succeed with customer centered, establishing a new benchmarking for the service mode in the field of engineering machinery.

At this conference, XCMG Excavator also launched the industry-leading smart service platform, “XCMG e-repair”, which integrates Internet technology and intelligent solutions, and is composed of four parts: WeChat official account, intelligent repair APP, intelligent diagnosis system and remote support system.

 “XCMG e-repair” can assist service engineers to diagnose equipment failures quickly, and help users to monitor working hours, location and fuel consumption of equipment. In addition, it also has the functions of online spare parts ordering, vehicle rental and sales and driver recruitment. With it, you can operate and manage your vehicles efficiently at home.

A customer representative of XCMG said in his speech: “XCMG Excavator has the leading technology, reliable quality and high-quality and efficient after-sales services. It is a rare and excellent partner in the industry. The new product and service brand released today represent the most advanced technology innovation and management mode in the industry, and further strengthen Peihan Group’s confidence of choosing XCMG excavators!"