XCMG Reach Stacker - Indispensable for Environmental Protection Reformation

In order to actively practice General Secretary Xi Jinping's scientific conclusion that “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" and fully implement requirements of ecological civilization construction and the spirit of the National Environmental Protection Congress, a storm of environmental protection is sweeping Xuzhou. In view of the iron and steel industry, one of the main sources of air pollution, Xuzhou's steel mill has faced tremendous challenges and walked an “ecological road” for supply-side reform from extensive production to strict control of environmental protection.



Reform is an inevitable choice for sticking to the "ecological road". China New Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. and went the first step of transformation. As a high-quality cooperative partner of XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd., China New Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. implemented green transportation restructuring by leasing 3 XCMG Reach Stackers and expressed its determination to insist on environmental protection with practical actions.



Why does a simple change have such a huge impact? Originally, raw materials for iron smelting and processing, such as coke, ore powder, and iron powder, used to be stacked and transported in the open air, which would result in a large amount of unorganized dust emission. Now, storage and transportation of raw materials in closed warehouses constructed with containers can effectively prevent dust emission and greatly improve "environmental protection reform". XCS45 reach stacker provided by XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. in a leasing mode is the best choice for stacking and horizontally transporting containers in the yard. XCS45 provides services at the departure place and destination of container transportation, plays a vital role in transportation, and fully takes advantages of high efficiency and low pollution in container transportation relying on its "super-efficient, green, and energy-saving" features.



XCMG, as a leading enterprise representing Chinese construction machinery, regards driving "environmental protection reform" as its own responsibility. Since 2013, it has devoted itself to R&D of reach stackers that serve container transportation, worked for many years in technology R&D, and developed XCMG reach stackers to green construction models with "low emission, low noise, and high efficiency". After entering the market, XCMG reach stackers made a splash in ports, wharfs, railways and other industries.



Relying on high-quality XCMG reach stackers, XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. provided a set of light-asset and low-risk operation solutions to resolve ecological reform problems faced by China New Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. also ensured smaller capital occupation, and promoted business scale expansion & success of environmental protection reform  through equipment leasing.



"We are very happy to cooperate with XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. Without too much capital input, it helped us upgrade rapidly in this environmental protection storm.” project leader of China New Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. said.

XCMG Guanglian Machinery Rental Co., Ltd., as a leading rental enterprise in the national construction machinery industry, regards green container transportation as the focus of future development considering that Huaihai region is an important hub for railway and freight transportation, and strives to take this green container transportation project as a focal point to carry out its vision of "gathering high-quality partners, building professional leasing alliance". The company also uses the platform and relies on equipment leasing, leasing on behalf of sales, second-hand equipment supply, and other business types to provide a comprehensive solution for the terminal market to help strategic partners succeed through light-asset, low-risk, and other advantageous services and collaboration.