“Zero failure” in consecutive run for 2900 hours| XCMG QAY650 “goes to sea by ship”, creating another engineering miracle in the world

In March this year, Sun Jianzhong, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of Hoisting Machinery Business Department, handed over the golden key of the world's largest all-terrain crane QAY650 to the North African user in the world largest wheeled crane.


QAY650—“a great weapon for wind power” in the eyes of numerous people. Since birth, its market performance has been very satisfying. In China, it has successively completed huge hoisting tasks for petrochemical engineering, Wuhan high-speed railway, Shenhua Group, Hebei wind power and Yunnan wind power projects. And as the all-terrain crane with maximum tonnage exported by China, the overseas performance of QAY650 has also been very eye-catching.


QAY650——How is everything going after you got married with Morocco afar?


The “Chinese World” program of CCTV 4 played recently made the Chinese crane that got married with faraway Morocco and the technical support personnel behind it become a hit again.


Morocco QAY650 all-terrain crane is the largest wheeled crane exported by China. Its handover ceremony at the beginning of March caused quite a stir in the industry. XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Department took into account comprehensive factors, and specially set up a first-loading and first-lifting team assigned to Morocco for whole-machine installation, testing, delivery, training and other service. For the technician Liu Kun, although he has already returned, the period of time when he accompanied QAY650 to conduct overseas construction is bound to be an unforgettable experience for him and the other five technicians of the accompanying service team.

 “There were differences in cultural concepts. The spare parts service cycle was long, and language barrier was also a big problem.” Looking back on the scenes where the 6 members of the service team sat in a circle to discuss problems and solutions, Liu Kun has a lot to say: compared with the domestic superlarge-tonnage first-loading and first-lifting process, the overseas process requires that the service team has more solid professional knowledge, more careful thinking and more sufficient preparation.


QY70K-- The maximum tonnage crane used by our customer’s operators. “From QY70K to QAY650, they have to change their theoretical knowledge and operation habits.” In order to help the operator never engaged in large tonnage single cylinder bolt crane before adapt themselves soon, the service team for the first loading and lifting of QAY650 in Morocco made carefully planning, “We prepared a whole set of courseware, training and sign-in, theory examination and practical operation training. Only those passing all those assessments could be granted a crane operation certificate by us”.


Through systematic theoretical and practical training, Moroccan user completely mastered operations of the single cylinder expansion system, superlift, crane arm and the multi-axis and multi-mode oil-air suspension of chassis. That ensures the normal use of the product in the later stage, and also avoids product superearly feedback caused by mal-operation. “In the four months, the Moroccan user thumbed up numerous times to show their recognition of our professional team, and also recognition of the quality of Chinese manufacturing.”


The Moroccan QAY650 service team formed a whole set of procedures for first loading and first lifting of superlarge tonnage all-terrain crane on overseas market covering special quality inspection for key exported product before shipment, preparation of a 326-page theory training PPT, on-spot special theory and practical training and examination, certificate issuance and consecutive follow-up services, accumulating rich experience for export market of superlarge tonnage all-terrain crane.


Golden service boosts QAY650 to create another miracle for the world engineering sector


Morocco, located in the northwest end of Africa, enjoy developed land transport. In recent years, local infrastructure and housing building projects are emerging. Meanwhile, machinery and equipment from China are welcomed by builders all over the world. QAY650 as a star product is widely used in wind power construction, large petrochemical works, bridge construction and other fields, becoming the superlarge tonnage crane with the largest global market volume and most developed technology. The QAY650 machine that “went to sea by ship” will continue to boost the local super engineering construction.


QAY650 steadily finishes the first lifting under fully-extended arm conditions


The renovation project at a railway station in Rabat, capital of Morocco


Operating consecutively for 20 days (24h/d) under full load, QAY650 showed a satisfying “zero failure” result.


On the construction site of No.1 high-rise of Morocco—Casablanca Financial Tower


QAY650, as the largest tonnage all-terrain crane exported by China, achieved a “zero failure” result after operating for 2,900 consecutive hours, which is an important step for XCMG to achieve its “high-end, world-class” goal. In the future, XCMG will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven strategy, and strive to create high-end products with “advanced technology and indestructibility” so that the world will truly love XCMG manufacturing!


QAY650’s journey in Morocco is to be continued…