[Good Start in 2019] XCMG Large-tonnage Loaders Enter an International Top 100 Port in Batches with Sales over 100 Million Yuan

At the beginning of this year, XCMG ushered in a “good start” as it won the first order of its large-tonnage loader, breaking the record in history! XCMG large-tonnage loaders are delivered in batches to Lianyungang Port, a hundred million-tonnage international port with total sales of more than 100 million yuan, which strengthens the position of XCMG as the first brand in China’s loader industry!


On January 4, XCMG large-tonnage loaders were delivered under the witness of nearly 100 people including staff of XCMG Large-tonnage Loader Intelligent Manufacturing Base and XCMG Shovel Machinery Division and leaders of Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd.


This order is not only a good start for XCMG loading machinery this year, but also confirms the facts that these large tonnage loaders break through the monopoly of foreign brands once again, demonstrating the strength of national brand. Among them, two LW1000KN are currently the largest tonnage products of XCMG in the port, and at the same time break the monopoly of the international brand of super-tonnage loader above 11 tons of Lianyungang Port Group. 

Wang Ying, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the Labor Union of the XCMG Shovel Machinery Division delivered a speech at the delivery ceremony.


 “We choose XCMG based on the deep trust that we have worked together for nearly 20 years, more importantly, on repeated investigations and demonstrations by port technicians that XCMG LW1000KN can completely replace the existing 11-tonnage loader. ” according to General Manager Zhao, XCMG loading machinery is improved technologically to generate high efficiency and reliability which can alleviate the increasing pressure of handling bulk cargos such as iron ore, coal coke and nickel ore in Lianyungang Port. 

Mr. Zhao, the General Manager of Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd., spoke at the delivery ceremony and expressed the hope that XCMG will continue to provide advanced and reliable high-performance machinery and equipment for Lianyungang Port Group based on mutual benefit and win-win progress hand in hand.


Operating with excellent performance at the port

2019 is the 20th year that XCMG cooperates with Lianyungang Port Group. In the past 20 years, more than 100 XCMG loaders have been operating in the Lianyungang Port Group, including over 70 large-tonnage loaders of 7 tons or above, and over 100 loaders of 5 tons. It is the constant trust in XCMG's loading machinery over the past 20 years that made Lianyungang Port Group a diamond-level strategic partner of XCMG. 

LW1000KN is a large-tonnage loader with international advanced level, created by XCMG Loading Machinery based on international research and development platform. According to the requirements of Lianyungang Port Group to build a green and intelligent port, XCMG has customized the batch products to equip with the internationally leading Cummins Euro III standard engine and load-sensitive variable technology so that the pressure and flow are provided according to the operation requirements, and the fuel utilization efficiency is significantly improved. 

Leader of Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd. takes a test drive on the site to understand the detailed performance parameters of the equipment

In addition, since the drivers in the port generally reflected that the engine does not work normally due to its high temperature caused by the dust in the working environment and continuous operation for 18-20 hours per day, XCMG has adopted a large-space radiator to improve its adaptability, which is easier to clean while improving heat dissipation performance, avoiding the high temperature of the engine caused by blockage of the radiator, and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.


Worry-free service


Delivery is just the beginning, and services are provided seamlessly. In order to better serve the port, four full-time service personnel and two service vehicles work with the port workers every day to provide 24-hour nanny-style services. In addition to regular testing of equipment performance, regular maintenance is also the responsibility of XCMG. “Whole-journey golden service” not only prevents the equipment from possible failures at the beginning, but more importantly, greatly improves the service life through daily inspections and regular maintenance. 

Under the guarantee of “Golden Service”, Lianyungang Port has become one of the “best application demonstration sites” for XCMG loaders, especially for large tonnage products. Dozens of XCMG loaders has already operated day and night over 10 years in this thousand million-tonnage port. “We believe in XCMG for its leading technology and reliable equipment.” It is the unanimous evaluation of Lianyungang Port Group to XCMG.