Coronation of XCMG Cranes

The News of Victory Makes a Wave Again like a Stone Flying into Water
On December 9, 2018, the Fifth China Industry Award Release Conference reputed as “Oscar of China’s Circle of Industry” was grandly held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. XCMG, the only engineering machinery enterprise winning this award, won the China’s Industry Award by virtue of the “Super Mobile Crane Innovation Project”.

The most visible meaning of medal is not better than fully showing the intellectual achievements of XCMG’s research in the past years, and the profounder meaning is that the absolutely leading position of XCMG cranes is raised again upon it.

In fact, this is not the first time that XCMG cranes have proofed themselves to the outside and the globe.

As early as in 2012, XCMG crane has been the champion among world top 10 crane manufacturers; in the later years, although influenced by market fluctuations, XCMG has been one of world top three crane manufacturers all the time.

If sales amount and volume only outline the “big” respect, then the multiple explosions of “technology”, “patent” and “innovation” in the past 10 years prove XCMG cranes have made progress step by step as to core competitive edge.

Super mobile crane technology originated in Germany in the 1970s. At that time, the world first all-terrain crane was invented by the German, making the large-size technology for mobile cranes to break through 100-ton come true.

Compared with Germany, China is a late beginner in producing large cranes. But XCMG is a dark horse in this field.

In the early years of the 21st Century, the history of meteoric rise of XCMG cranes quietly began.

Upon the adequate learning of global advanced technologies and the all-round connecting of these experiences with China’s industry basis and market demand, XCMG launched 160 and 200-ton all-terrain cranes in succession.

In 2006, an array made up of 7 sets of 100-400-ton XCMG all-terrain cranes shown up in the Bauma China held in Shanghai, and attracted the close attention of senior managers of foreign enterprises, and they paid a special visit to XCMG’s factory in Xuzhou City. When leaving the factory, a visitor said “It seems that I return to our own factory (outside China), and I find the true rival in China !”.

In the past less than 10 years since 2010, the Chinese crane makers represented by XCMG have been full-grown in large size, high technology and high added value products. It’s more exciting that, China become the “Innovator” in a forbidden field with a gap in the global industry and not tried even by the originator of crane yet, i.e. 4,000-ton crawler crane, 1,600 ton even 2,000 ton all-terrain cranes.

In April 2018, world No.1 crane XCMG 4,000-ton crawler crane won the European Union’s CE Certificate. This affirmation is expected but took a long time for XCMG to wait. The certification implies that XCMG super mobile cranes have been qualified for entering the world top market. Soon after opening the European gate, XCMG proved itself again, to be exact, in the North American market, XCMG accepted an order of 900 sets of equipment lease with the American fourth large lease company in 2018, inclusive of many cranes.

Landing on North America after entering Europe is not only a geographical market breakthrough but also a front competition that has started between Chinese crane manufacturer and world top competitors, and a gate directly leading to world level is gradually opened.