Cui Bingshu’s Story with XCMG

Caogou Village in Jiyuan City, Henan Province is a place with most beautiful scenery. Starting with Jiyuan City, you can walk along the provincial highway S245 to the west, where you can find the blossoming common crapemyrtle flowers. The road into the village is wide and flat and driving in it is really a pleasant thing. Who can imagine the countryside road, which was quite muddy a few years ago, has become clean and tidy. And it is the villager Cui Bingshu who has built the road.


We were attracted by the yellow reflective vest on him. After reading carefully,  I found it was printed with XCMG. “This reflective vest is with me for a long time”, said Cui Bingshu with a bit of shyness. “The mountain is windy and wearing this can keep me from the chilly wind. Wearing it at night, it helps secure my safety. As villagers, we don’t focus on good look. Instead, we think practical use and quality are more important”. For many years, he has been using XCMG excavators simply because they are practical and have good quality.

The story started with poker

Five years ago, Cui Bingshu had to work hard as a laborer just to make a living by building cement-paved roads and leveling roads. Working for others as laborers, it was really tiresome, making small incomes. However, he had accumulated rich experience in building roads and saving some money. In the latter part of 2013, Cui Bingshu decided to start his own business in spite of the tough work. Through his friends, he contracted the building of village roads and found the excavators for the project construction.

The project was about to be commenced. However, the excavators did not reach the site. Cui Bingshu was anxious. “I want to buy one on my own”. Knowing nothing about excavators, Cui Bingshu found it difficult to choose the right brand and model. He even didn’t have the right contact to buy the excavators. Right at that time, Cui Bingshu thought of the poker printed with XCMG excavators on the construction site, which has the contact of the brand. After finding the poker, Cui Bingshu immediately called the number of XCMG Excavators.

After receiving his phone call, salespeople of XCMG reached the construction site of Cui Bingshu. After learning the facts, the salespeople provided professional proposals for the equipment, offering to take him to the company for test driving experience. Nevertheless, after seeing the working XCMG machines on other construction site, Cui Bingshu quickly purchased his first own excavator. Five years ago, Caogou Village didn’t have a nice road. To ensure the construction period, XCMG Excavators dealer in Henan Province arranged a car to transport this XE60D excavator to the construction site in the mountains. In less than one week, Cui Bingshu finished the process of purchase and acceptance, thus having his own excavators.

Full trust and deep relations

Today, Cui Bingshu is the loyal fan of XCMG. He has purchased four XCMG excavators, two XE60D units and two XE80D units, which were used to build the mountain roads.

The mountain roads are winding and 4m width is the maximum width. In turns, only a little more than 2m width is secured. It was difficult for large excavators to get into the site. XE60D and XE80D of XCMG have proper size and are flexible. With sufficient functions, it is most proper to construct roads on the mountain. Even more, “Equipment failure is really a nightmare because of the inconvenient transport in mountains taking a few days. My machines perform very well. In a few years, they only had some trivial problems. The salesman Zhang fixed them quickly. Besides, he often came to me to maintain the machines free of charge, which is quite assuring.”

As the New Countryside Project moves forward, more and more people known by Cui Bingshu have purchased excavators. As the loyal fan of XCMG Excavators, he would always recommend XCMG products to others. “In recent years, I had better understanding in my heart. XCMG is better than other brands in price, fuel consumption, performance and after-sales service. The XCMG machines are robust and fuel efficient. Besides, it provides the quick and slow gears. XCMG excavators are really good. To become wealthy, you have to build roads. To build roads, please select XCMG excavators.”