Honor of Kings! 10 Major Events of XCMG in 2018!


XCMG Reached a New Step of 100-billion Operation Revenue and Handed a High-quality Answer Sheet to General Secretary Xi Jinping


Under the deployment of the Party Central Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, the XCMG Party Committee will study, publicize, and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and important instructions gave by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he investigated XCMG, and will take the spirit and instructions as their primary political task and major event in the political life of all XCMG workers. XCMG always insists on “Four Unshakable Principles” (namely, pursue innovation-driven development,adhere to the path of internationalization, build a first-class talent team, and strength party building and give full play to our political advantages), refreshes positioning and adjusts coordinates, promotes development with a global perspective, and clearly puts forward goals of stepping into top 5 and top 3 enterprises in the global construction machinery industry in 2020 and 2025, respectively. It implements important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping through nine major actions, including further reform in difficult areas for state-owned enterprises and climbing the “Everest” in the industry, and 45 major projects. In the management deepening and improvement year, XCMG was included in the list of “Double-Hundred Actions” enterprises in the State Council’s reform of state-owned enterprises and list of the first batch of pilot reform enterprises with mixed ownership in Jiangsu Province; Xrea was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations; XCMG Machinery completed a fixed increase with fundraising of RMB 2.54 billion; XCMG won the First Prize for Innovative Achievements of Modernization of State-level Enterprise Management. XCMG reached a new step of 100-billion operation revenue with year-on-year growth of 45.2% in product sales. Main indicators ranked the first in the Chinese construction machinery industry for 29 consecutive years.



Chairman Wang Min Was Honored As an “Advanced Individual Who Has Made Outstanding Contributions to Jiangsu's Reform and Opening Up"


On December 18, 2018, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held a forum in Nanjing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG, as was honored as an “Advanced Individual Who Has Made Outstanding Contributions to Jiangsu's Reform and Opening Up”. On November 9, Chairman Wang Min was awarded with China Industrial Model Person by the Organizing Committee of the 14th Industry Forum and XCMG was awarded with China Industrial Model Enterprise. On December 26, Chairman Wang Min was awarded with 2018 China Brand Innovation Person by People's Daily and XCMG was awarded with 2018 China Brand Case Award. Chairman Wang Min has been focusing on the development of Chinese construction machinery for more than 40 years, manifesting the new-era entrepreneurship of adhering to the real economy, innovation, and responsibility.





XCMG Ranked the 6th in 2018 Top 50 Enterprises in the Global Construction Machinery Industry


In April 2018, KHL, UK - a world's leading construction machinery information provider officially released 2018 Top 50 Enterprises in the Global Construction Machinery Industry (Yellow Table 2018), in which, XCMG rose from the 7th to the 6th, ranked the 1st among Chinese-funded enterprises, and became the only Chinese enterprise that ranked among the global top 10 for several consecutive years. On June 20, the World Brand Lab released an analysis report on 2018 China 500 Most Valuable Brands. XCMG ranked the 66th with a value of RMB 60.218 billion, which increased by RMB 7.5 billion comparing to 2017. This is the fifth consecutive year since XCMG entered the list.





XCMG Re-win China Industrial Award and "Single Champion" of National Manufacturing, Showing Innovative Strength


On October 8, 2018, Xuzhou Xugong Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the 3rd batch of single champion demonstration enterprises of MIIT in the manufacturing industry. On December 9, XCMG won China Industrial Award - highest award in China's industrial field in the "Super Traveling Crane Innovation Project" and this is the second time that XCMG won this honor. XCMG won the highest score given by the National Enterprise Technology Center in history and ranked the 1st in the construction machinery industry again. In 2018, XCMG won 1057 valid patents, 269 patents for invention, 15 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards, 4 China Quality Technology Awards, and 6 Jiangsu Science and Technology Awards. XCMG made major breakthroughs in international standard research, hosted release of an international standard, and won the first prize of 2018 China Standard Innovation Contribution Award issued by State Administration for Market Regulation.





“Largest-tonnage Excavator in China” - XCMG 700-tonnage Hydraulic Excavator Leaves the Assembly Line


On April 2, 2018, 700-tonnage hydraulic excavator, known as the “Largest-tonnage Excavator in China", successfully left the assembly Line. This excavator is a wisdom crystal of implementing “High-end, High-tech Content, High Added-value, Large Tonnage” R&D strategy. With its successful assembly, a breakthrough in the application of key core technologies in the field of super-large hydraulic excavators in China has been first realized, and China has become the 4th country with the capability of developing and manufacturing more than 700-tonnage hydraulic excavators after Germany, Japan, and the US, which lays a solid foundation for building XCMG as China's first and the world's top 3 large-scale open-pit mining machinery enterprise.



XCMG Steadfastly Expands Its Overseas Layout and Takes a New Step Towards Internationalization


In 2018, XCMG continuously extended its “Circle of Foreign Friends”, went further and further on the Belt and Road, exported products to 182 countries and regions, and maintained the 1st in export of the Chinese construction machinery industry for 29 consecutive years. Year-on-year growth of XCMG export volume is more than twice of the industry average growth and XCMG’s export revenue has reached a new peak in the past five years. In countries along the Belt and Road, XCMG has invested more than RMB 3 billion and exported products to 97% of these countries and regions. Sales volume of XCMG in these countries and regions accounted 73% and export market shares of XCMG ranked the 1st in 35 countries. Export of QAY650 to Morocco created a new record in exporting the largest-tonnage all-terrain cranes from China; XCMG, for the first time, exported complete sets of large mining equipment to Australia, the world's highest mining market. XCMG has become a world-renowned "Chinese Business Card" of the real economy. XCMG adhered to the road of "internationalization, precision, and specialization", continued to work for 14 public welfare projects in five major public welfare fields around the world, and was honored with “2018 Best Respect Award” and “2018 Social Responsibility Award for Listed Companies”.






Autonomous Operating Income of XCMG Hoisting Machinery and Excavating Machinery Exceeds RMB 10 Billion

Accelerated Development of New Industry Sector


In 2018, various departments and subsidiaries firmly implement the “High-end, High-tech Content, High Added-value, Large Tonnage” product R&D strategy, anchor the high-quality development principle of "Quality, Efficiency, Scale, Sustainability”, and deeply fulfill the product golden standard of "Advanced Technology and Long Duration". Autonomous operating income of XCMG hoisting machinery and excavating machinery has exceeded more than RMB 10 billion and continues to become a strong competitor of industry leaders and internationally renowned brands. XCMG developed four 5 billion sectors and a number of invisible champion sectors. Complete sets of concrete machinery and pile-working machinery are among the global top two in the industry. Among new pillar categories, 18000 XCMG heavy trucks were sold in a year with year-on-year growth of 39.7%, ranking in top 10 of the industry, and environmental equipment ranked among the top three in the domestic market.





XCMG Ceremoniously Shown in Bauma China 2018 and China (Panama) Comprehensive Brand Exhibition 2018


In Bauma China 2018 opened on November 27, 2018, XCMG displayed 79 main engine products, and 41 core components and non-physical parts with the theme of “Smarter Equipment, Better Future”. This exhibition has the largest product scale and the highest technology content compared with previous ones. In addition, a series of brand activities highlighting "quality, innovation, value, responsibility", such as industrial technology innovation alliance of high-end construction machinery and core spare parts, the latest achievements of "Advanced Technology and Long Duration", and “the 3rd Stage of the African Water Cellar Project” of “XCMG makes the world better”, have been launched, showing the world leading charm, extraordinary strength, and excellence of products “Made in China”. On December 3, 2018 (Panama local time), XCMG new-generation tractors, excavators, loaders, and other products were shown in China (Panama) Comprehensive Brand Exhibition 2018. Juan Carlos Varela - Panamanian President visited XCMG’s exhibition area and highly praised XCMG as an excellent international enterprise. He wished that XCMG, as a Chinese model, could make full use of Panama's geographical advantages to actively promote the economic development of both sides.




XCMG Fully Implements Intelligent Manufacturing Strategic Planning and Builds Intelligent Factory and Intelligent XCMG


XCMG fully implements strategic planning of XCMG intelligent manufacturing and foundation construction of mining machinery, firefighting equipment, and high-end parts intelligent manufacturing industrial bases. In March 2018, the first intelligent welding production line for large structural parts in the global crane industry was put into operation. In May, 2018, the drawbench with the highest degree of automation and longest stroke in Asia was completed and put into operation in the new plant area of XCMG Hydraulic Part Business Department. Industrial Internet Platform is a new engine for XCMG’s intelligent transformation. On June 12, 2018, Xrea won the honor of “2018 National-Level "Double-span" Industrial Internet Platform”. On December 13, XCMG launched a new brand - Xrea Industrial Internet Platform.





XCMG Successfully Held the 9th Employee Art Festival, and Sense of Belonging and Cohesion of Employees Were Enhanced


From November 10, 2018 to November 13, 2018, the 9th Employee Art Festival of XCMG with a theme of “Glamorous XCMG, Shining in the New Age” was solemnly held, consisted of 9 activities, including vocal music competition of "Singing in the New Age", speech competition of "Eulogize the New Age", and dance competition of “Rhythmic New Age”, and had the highest employee participation degree, highest program artistic level, and largest program type and scale since XCMG’s founding. The Festival reflected XCMG’s culture construction achievements in recent years in an all-round, three-dimensional, and centralized manner, and demonstrated strong cohesion of all XCMG employees in stepping into the world's top five or even top three construction machinery enterprises. We will continue to deepen and build the culture of “Pillars of a Great Power”, solidly carry out a project of employee care, and award 1- to 5-star annual souvenir medals to 2105 employees.