Heavy Machines Reached Australia

After travelling on the Pacific Ocean for more than a dozen of days, the well-packaged heavy machines, looking quite mysterious, finally reached Australia.



What are these big machines?

It was really a tough task to transport these heavy machines from Xuzhou to Shanghai and from Shanghai to Australia. Special vehicles were needed to hoist these machines in the docks.




 Now it is time to unveil the mystery and see what machines they are.


Unveil the mystery


XCMG 300t crawler hydraulic excavator XE3000


XCMG 1300C excavator


These big machines are XE3000, the 300t crawler hydraulic excavator and XE1300C excavator of XCMG, which represent the leading capacity of China’s engineering machinery.


The high-end machines



The XCMG mining units shipping to Australia, represented by its 300t hydraulic excavators, again prove that the high-end mining market in the country recognizes and trusts the XCMG brand and its mining equipment.