Philanthropy Is Borderless! XCMG Prays for Brumadinho.

At 1:40 on the afternoon of January 25 Brazil time, the dam break suddenly happened to a tailing of VALE, the world’s largest iron ore producer and exporter. The tailing, located at Brumadinho in the State of MG, witnessed the brown slurry falling down, which flooded the company’s office area and downstream zone that stretch dozens of km and collapsed many residential houses. 

According to the latest data revealed by Civil Defense Department of the MG State of Brazil as of 24:00 on February 17 local time, the dam break had caused 169 deaths and 141 missing. 

Site of dam break

XCMG staff were concerned about the disaster in Brumadinho, the State of MG in Brazil that happened 18,801km away. At the moment when people’s life of friendly country was at risk, the XCMG Brazil quickly mobilized the most powerful force to support the rescue in the disaster-stricken region. 

At noon time on February 12 local time, the trucks, loaded with three levelers and loaders, and 70 new bed cushions started in Pouso Alegre factory of XCMG in Brazil, driving towards the dam break site of VALE in Brumadinho of MG State. 

Equipment and supplies ready to be transported

Immediately after receiving the news about the dam break, XCMG Brazil initiated the mechanism of disaster rescue and response. Wang Yansong, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and Chairman of XCMG Brazil convened the meeting to set up the team of rescue, which kept abreast with the disaster situation to learn about the local demands while sending all the staff of production section to mobilize all usable equipment and resources in the factory. 

Emergent response

All production staff were overhauling the equipment at night.

Immediately after learning about the disaster, all staff of XCMG Brazil were paying close attention to the situation in the stricken area. Each day, they maintained interactions and communications with the local government. Within seven days after the disaster occurred, the local troops had been using the helicopter for rescue. After learning the equipment and supplies urgently needed by the poverty-stricken area, XCMG made quick response to transport what they needed there. 

At 5:00 a.m. on the 13th, Liu Xianfang, Party Secretary of XCMG Brazil and three of her colleagues, after driving for nearly 500km, gave the donations to Mayor of Brumadinho and the staff of VALE.

Mayor of Brumadinho expressed heartfelt thanks XCMG for the philanthropic action, voicing his admiration. The friendship between Brazil and China became more consolidated. 

The Chinese and Brazilian staff went to the poverty-stricken area to learn the facts there, paying close attention to the situation and providing all-weather service support for the equipment to make sure the equipment runs smoothly. “XCMG always stays with and prays for the city of Brumadinho.”