137 Million Exposures! XCMG Cross-border E-commerce Helps Electric Welder Manufacturer Go International

In just three weeks after XCMG E-commerce “May 18 Electromechanical Purchase Festival” was put online, MachMall has realized more than 137 million exposures and received over 950,000 independent visitors. The order enquiries cover construction machinery, agricultural machinery, logistics and warehouse equipment, transport vehicles, electrical & electronics and industrial equipment, etc. Zhejiang Kende Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of electric welders, contracted two orders in one week to export 56 electric welders to Australia and Fiji. It marks that XCMG E-commerce platform has made new breakthroughs in cluster development of electromechanical industry. 

XCMG E-commerce works with dozens of leading manufactures to promote May 18 Electromechanical Purchase Festival


Kende electric welders are ready to be shipped to Australia and Fiji

XCMG E-commerce, based on Internet technology, relies on the well-developed industrial chain of XCMG construction machinery, mature experience in international development and brand advantages. Driven by the networked, digital and intelligent industrial form, it independently develops and designs the Machmall.com (international) and Tlang.com (China) platforms, dedicated to rebuilding the electromechanical industrial value and establishing new dynamism for traditional manufacturing industry. Since put on-line in May 2018, XCMG E-commerce platform has achieved 570 million RMB in sales revenue, and attracted nearly 100 manufacturers of premium electromechanical products. The daily inquiries comes 168 countries and regions, selling products to over 70 countries and regions. Through industrialized and professional development, it helps traditional manufacturers of construction machinery, mining machinery, autos, sanitary vehicles, bulldozers, forks, tractors, engines, air compressors, electric welders, electric vehicles, and parts and components secure larger space of development.