NO.1 Strength︱XCMG Pump Truck Achieves Top Exports in May

From beginning of this year, XCMG performs well in overseas market. XCMG pump trucks are best-seller in exports among Chinese brands in May.

Why is the XCMG pump truck so welcome in the international market?

Stevin, an overseas user of XCMG new-generation V7 pump truck, said the pump truck is of stable cantilever and able to operate at long range, greatly reducing the labor cost.

XCMG pump truck at a construction site of the Middle East

A new-generation V7 pump truck works at a construction site of the Middle East, solving problems that the previous equipment needs to be manually pulled back by workers and secured for construction, freeing handicraft labor and enhancing safety and stability.

XCMG pump truck at a construction site of Africa

According to James, an African client, besides the excellent performance of V7 pump truck, the most highlight is fuel-saving and economy. He made a calculation to us, a V7 large-meter pump truck costs 240L of oil to ram mix of 908m3, and the combined fuel consumption is about 0.26L/m3, much less than similar products.

Drawing upon the merge of European Schwing technology and Chinese manufacturing, XCMG V7 series products are equipped with more advanced technology, reliable quality, stable performance and elegant body shape.

In the V7 promotion meeting held by XCMG Schwing in March this year, a hundred-person delegation from a Southeast Asian country visited XCMG. After the inspection and visit, the delegation developed a keen interest in XCMG equipment and ordered nearly 100 sets of XCMG concrete machinery products.

XCMG concrete machinery products at construction sites overseas

Since the product overseas launch at the beginning of this year, they have caused a purchasing boom and even are sold out in some areas. XCMG pump trucks often appear on the construction sites along the Road and Belt and are warmly acclaimed. XCMG concrete machinery products have covered almost a hundred countries in the world.

XCMG concrete machinery product selling well over the world is just an epitome of its international progress. In recent years, XCMG has constructed sites around the world under the guidance of its international strategy. XCMG products attract more and more customers with its excellent performance and quality.