4455m Honghualiang Tunnel is successfully completed! XCMG drill jumbo greets Beijing Winter Olympics with outstanding success!

Completion Ceremony of Honghualiang Tunnel

After 25 months of hard work,

XCMG TZ3A three-boom drill jumbo assisted the completion of right line of Honghualiang Tunnel on Wanlong-Zhuanzhilian Highway on July 3

Entrance of Honghualiang Tunnel

Wanlong-Zhuanzhilian Highway is one of the key traffic projects in the core area of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The route starts from the west of Wanlong Ski Resort, crosses Wanlong connecting line, sets up Honghualiang Tunnel southward, ends at the east of Zhuanzhilian Village and crosses the road between Mazhangzi and Taizicheng. After completion, the traffic barriers between Wanlong Ski Resort and other ski resorts such as Taizicheng, Yunding, Taiwu and Hualindong will be eliminated, and the travel time will be shortened by nearly one hour.

XCMG TZ3A three-boom drill jumbo at the tunnel

The right line of Honghualiang Tunnel is 4455 meters long,

accounting for 64% of the total length of Wanlong-Zhuanzhilian Highway. 

Wanlong Ski Resort, venue of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, located in Honghualiang, with a maximum altitude of 2110 meters and a vertical drop of 550 meters.

Honghualiang Tunnel project started in August 2017. During the construction process, many difficulties emerge, e.g., complicated geological conditions, fragmentation of rock mass, outflow of cracks, and severe cold in winter. XCMG Railway Equipment works closely with the project department in organizing professional technical teams for data collection and analysis, and preparation of construction scheme based on the characteristics of the project, which ensures the steady progress and timely completion of the project construction. The safe, efficient and stable performance of XCMG TZ3A three-boom drill jumbo has also been fully recognized by customers.

August 2017, XCMG TZ3A three-boom drill jumbo arrived at the tunnel

In October 2019, the Wanlong-Zhuanzhilian Highway will be fully opened to traffic. By then, the detour by the connecting line of main urban area of Chongli and north of the Great Wall will not be necessary, greatly improving the traffic efficiency.

Completion ceremony for the right line of Honghualiang Tunnel

The interconnection and resource integration among the ski resorts will further form a star-shaped traffic pattern with these ski resorts distributed with Taizicheng as the center, accelerating the construction of globally renowned grounds for ice-snow sports and tourism in Chongli District.

Ice and snow in Chongli

2008 Beijing Olympic Games are exceptional.

and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will surely stun the whole world again,

demonstrating the strength and style of China.

It is due responsibility for XCMG, the pillar of a Great Power, to make contributions to the 2022 Beijing event.