Hit the headline! XCMG Large Tonnage Cranes are Impressive

Constructions have not slowed down despite the ever warmer weather in summer. Large tonnage cranes of XCMG are still working in each construction site. This is not only a challenge to the skill of operator, but also a quality test for each participating crane. Next, let me show you these headline-catchers.

Top 1: “Wind power warrior” QAY650 takes the lead in construction with enough strength

QAY650 and its two “brothers” QAY500 and QAY240 are battling in the vast land of Zhungeer in Erdos for the installation of emptying cylinder weighing 180 tons and 88 meters high. 

In Huaerui Offshore Wind Farm (One of “Three Offshore Gorges” in Jiangsu), QAY650A completed the wind power installation with high precision and stability with its “younger brother” QY75K. 

Changzhou Zhongtian steel construction site, QAY650 served as the main crane, while Liebherr 300 tonnage is the auxiliary crane. Chinese and foreign crane cooperated to support the “Steel and iron ribs”.  

Top 2: XCA550 “debuts in the center position” with incomparable focus

On the construction site of the power plant of Fenyi County, Xinyu City, a major project of Jiangxi “13th five-year” plan, XCA550 is lifting the water circulation, generator set and other equipment weighing 88 tonnage.

As the first 550 tonnage seven-bridge product in the industry, XCA550 achieves the extreme level of seven-bridge product. As the largest vehicle in Hubei province, XCA550 is the champion and performs steadily during the installation of equipment in chemical plant.

Top 3: “Golden finger” winner XCA450 is not conceited or rash, and achieves the ultimate state

Since its launch, XCA450 has played a leading role in wind power, communication equipment installation and chemical projects in many provinces and cities throughout the country. It is a milestone product in innovation of engineering design. Now, the prize winner is busy with the repair of 2.0 wind turbines in Kaiyuan, Honghe Prefecture. 

Similarly, XCA450 lifted a container weighing 4-5 tonnage and 40 meters high at a cement plant in Yunnan province, and perfectly completed the hoisting task with high challenge. 

TOP4: “Ironman” XCA220 is internally and externally excellent and worthy

XCA220 is carefully and steadily installing a 10 tonnage cement tank at a cement plant in Anhui province, even the backlight still can't stop its beautiful and robust posture.

In Gansu province where large tonnage crane is rare, XCA220 proudly presented with absolute advantages, helping the overhaul (every two years) of Lanzhou Refinery Factory, a large-size central enterprise.