A Nearly 50-year-old XCMG Roller Defines what is “Everlasting”.

Have you seen a roller in 1970s?

Have you seen a nearly 50-year-old roller that is still functional?

I can tell you, yes, and it is really an “everlasting product”.

Model: y21-12/15

Date of production: Feb., 1974

The earliest three-wheel internal combustion roller in XCMG, nearly 50-year-old, is still up and running

With excellent strength, it builds the legend of “everlasting product”.

As this roller has made immeasurable contributions to the road construction of Dandong Municipal Government, it is now treasured as “a participant and witness of city development”.

To quote a staff member of Dandong Municipality: “This XCMG roller is older than most of us, even the executive praised that, “XCMG is really amazing”, we are absolutely loyal fan of XCMG .” 

In the past 60 years, XCMG roller started from scratch, from small to big, and from China to the whole world. We are delighted to see that, time not only brought us new products, but also serves as a measurement of product quality.

The main rolling equipment produced in October, 1971 and used in the newly paved marble pavement on both sides of Hongqi Bridge on Kundu-Wanzhou National Highway in 1980s

This 48-year-old roller participated in the construction of marble pavement on both sides of Hongqi Bridge on Kundu-Wanzhou Highway since the mid and late of 20th century. Now it is collected at the service area of Yunnan Tengchong. The curator said, “This machinery is 48 years old, but still can be normally used. However, in order to let more people feel the glory and conviction of road construction, we choose to treasure it as a classic memory.”

A XCMG roller in 1982, is now working in Shijiazhuang

In 1971, 1974, 1982, etc., XCMG roller frequently appeared at the construction site. Wading through fierce competition in the construction machinery industry, XCMG is confident to be forefront, pioneer and control the right of speech with its concept “leading technology and everlasting product”

Quality, comes from perseverance

As early as the 1950s, XCMG began to explore the roller. China's first steam roller, internal combustion two-wheel roller, three-wheel roller, tire roller, full hydraulic vibratory roller, double-wheel roller were born in XCMG one after another. 

China’s first steam roller developed in XCMG

In 1985, XCMG aimed to be the world’s giant in road roller industry and successfully introduced advanced foreign technology. In 1996, XCMG production and sales volume of road rollers was about 3,000 units. In terms of reputation, operation scale, product quality and market share, XCMG ranks first in China's compacting machinery industry.

In 1995, SCMG broke the export record of China’s construction machinery by exporting 100 units of CA25 vibratory rollers to North America.

In 2001, China's highway construction was in full swing. XCMG seized the opportunity and created the record of monthly output of 900 units and delivery of 1000 units, occupying a half market share of roller industry. 

Leading, the rise of national brand

In 2000, facing the demand of accelerating the development of western region, XCMG launched XS190, YZ18S (the king of desert) and YZ18H (the king of plateau) vibratory roller that could withstand local conditions such as high altitude, thin air, cold weather, heavy wind and sand. These products were highly praised by the industry.

In 2009, XCMG launched the project of “Development and Application of Intelligent Pavement Construction Machinery” based on its technology accumulation for decades. After rigorous examination and market test, 67HZ high frequency vibration technology, representing the new direction of development of double steel wheel roller in China, was successfully applied. 

Beginning with a precise insight into the needs of transport construction industry, XCMG conducted a comprehensive innovation in design, efficiency, intelligence, security in 2013 with the courage to be the first with a forward-looking vision, and released XCMG 3 series complete set of road machinery to the world.

Achievement, from the persistence of XCMG’s employees for generations

In 2018, the 100,000th roller rolled offline, marking XCMG as the first Asia company to reach production of 100,000 rollers. This achievement not only shows the profound connotation of a national brand, but also carries the glory and dream of revitalizing the national brand of XCMG’. 

Nowadays, with over 60 years of technical accumulation, the high-end intelligent products such as 5 series, unmanned driving and LNG roller developed by XCMG has seized the commanding height of the industry. Now they are committed to promoting the development of global transport construction all over the world. 

From zero to 100000+, XCMG, a national brand, starting from scratch, serves the country through industry and walks towards the world, a journey we work together to succeed. XCMG For Your Success!