One of its kind! XCMG won national outstanding award again!

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The “Annual Conference of National Corporate Culture (2019)”, sponsored by China Enterprise Federation and China Entrepreneur Association, was held in Beijing on August 5. The theme of the meeting was to grasp the cultural pulse of the new era and promote  high-quality development of enterprises.


XCMG won the grand prize of National Corporate Culture Excellent Achievement Award, the only honored enterprise in China construction machinery industry 

The Annual Conference of National Corporate Culture is held every two years. As a key brand project of China Enterprise Federation, it has great social influence and high popularity. At each conference, 20 grand prizes, 91 first prizes and 111 second prizes are awarded.

Wang Min, party secretary and chairman of XCMG, received the award and made a keynote speech. When sharing his opinions, Wang said that XCMG had been included in the pilot project of state-owned enterprise reform “Double Hundred Action”, and that XCMG would accelerate reform to meet the development challenges.

Over the past 76 years, XCMG has always adhered to and inherited the revolutionary genes and the ambition of serving the country. It has become the founder, pioneer and leader of construction machinery industry in China. A unique and core value of “taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals and making great achievements” has been nurtured, and the power of this culture has continuously boosting the sustainable development of XCMG high quality.

Wang Min added that the fundamental core of XCMG lied in being faithful to the Party and winning honor for the country. XCMG once experienced the ravages of war during own development, and its history can be traced back to the Eighth Arsenal in south Shandong founded by General Xu Shiyou in 1943. After 30 years of development, XCMG has gradually grown into a powerful state-owned manufacturing enterprise, ranking the first in China and the sixth in the global construction machinery industry.

XCMG is an enterprise with root, soul and ambition. The root of XCMG is to be faithful to the Party, win honor for the country and inherit the revolutionary genes. The soul of XCMG is to adhere to the core value of “taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals and making great achievements”. The ambition of XCMG is to become the leader in the international construction machinery industry with persistent efforts.


Facing the future, Wang Min has been planning a layout for a long time. According to him, XCMG will focus on the strategic goal of top 5 & top 3 in the global industry, and create five “world-class”!


1. World-class technology


Break through the technical difficulties of the last 10% technical difficulties, and implement the strategy of "three highs and one large", i.e., high end, high technology content, high reliability and large tonnage; be determined to realize the localization of core parts and components, get rid of the constraints of foreign countries, and stop being controlled by others.

2. World-class operation


Never simply pursue growth in scale, meet the gold standards of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”, realize digitization, networking, intelligence, low cost, high efficiency and great social contribution, and achieve top-ranking benefits in the industry.


3. World-class mechanism


XCMG has been included in the pilot project of state-owned enterprise reform “Double Hundred Action”. With the support from the provincial and municipal governments, XCMG will accelerate own reform to create a new mechanism for vitality stimulation and meet the development challenges.



4. World-class brand


At present, XCMG has a relatively small proportion of exports to the high-end market in Europe and the United States, and its exports are mainly to countries along the "Belt And Road" route. XCMG will firmly push forward international and regional layout and M&A cooperation, break into the high-end market, and strive to achieve the goal of 50% overseas revenue share.


XCMG, First of Chinese construction machinery manufacture shown on the massive video screen "China screen" in Times Square, New York

5. World-class talent and culture


To gather talents from all over the world, XCMG will continue to build and upgrade core values of ““taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals and making great achievements”.



Wang Min firmly expressed that, “perseverance, passion and sobriety are the essence of corporate culture, and also the fundamental cornerstone supporting XCMG people to reach the peaks of global construction machinery field.”