XCMG joins hands with international mining giant Rio Tinto to build HME ecosystem!

From August 5th to 7th, a delegation from the world-renowned mining group Rio Tinto made a special visit to XCMG. They held a Rio Tinto & XCMG HME workshop. Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Party secretary, warmly received the delegation of Rio Tinto.

Wang Min talked with Mr. Stefen Buys, President of Pilbara Minerals and other Rio Tinto delegates 

Wang Min said that XCMG has made considerable progress in many aspects such as R&D, intelligent manufacturing, technology innovation in recent years. In the field of large-scale complete-set of mining machinery which enjoys the name of “the pearl of the crown” in the high-end markets worldwide, XCMG has always sustained strong input in strategic industries, achieved breakthroughs and improvements in products, technology, quality and market.

XCMG mining equipment is becoming increasingly important in such countries as Mongolia, Russia and Australia. As one of the most influential mining companies in the world, Rio Tinto has higher requirements on products, technology, security, services and spare parts supply in the industry. XCMG will try best to satisfy the service requirements for global high-end customers including Rio Tinto, and unceasingly stride toward the global high-end market.

The delegation of Rio Tinto has come to XCMG factories at excavator, mining machinery, road machinery, hydraulic parts successively, in order to feel XCMG’s modern R&D and manufacturing capacities and remarkable quality assurance system.

XCMG 300 t hydraulic excavator and 110 t mining dump truck work together

In the subsequent Rio Tinto & XCMG HME Ecosystem Workshop, Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export discussed and shared with the delegation of Rio Tinto on such aspects as the security of large mining equipment, supply chain management and developments of global mining equipment market. Rio Tinto’s concept of supply chain ecosystem as well as rigorous and meticulous management system have made a deep impression on each participant at the workshop.

Discuss with the delegation of Rio Tinto on industrial development

Mr. Stefen Buys commented that he was intuitively aware of the tremendous strength of XCMG in modernized production and R&D; he was especially impressed by XCMG’s large mining equipment R&D and real-time collection of equipment operating data. The amicable talk and exchange between both sides has not only deepened mutual understanding, but also promoted the friendship between Rio Tinto and XCMG, thus laying a favorable foundation for further cooperation.