XCMG “Global Excellent Operator” Starts Again!

On August 20, the opening ceremony of the eleventh operator training class of XCMG “Global Excellent Operator” was held in XCMG Excavator Machinery Business Division. Three cosigning units including XCMG Excavator Machinery, XCMG Earthmoving Machinery and XCMG Schwing Machinery Co., Ltd., leaders of XCMG Technician College, as well as 77 trainees across the country attended the opening ceremony and jointly conveyed the commonconcept of “XCMG makes the world better”!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary for the establishment of XCMG, XCMG “Global Excellent Operator” has already cultivated 607 mechanical operators and overseas service engineers worldwide. They have been active in construction projects throughout the world, and performed exciting and moving XCMG stories in different positions one after another that make Chinese people proud and the world cheerful. 

At the ceremony, student representatives of the training formed the “XCMG” pattern by use of their photos with XCMG products, which have witnessed XCMG’s continuous assistance for the success of its customers and the realization of operators’ life value.

Su Yuan, Deputy Dean of XCMG Technician College, introduced the organization and implementation of this excellent operator activity.

Yu Aijun, Party Secretary of XCMG Excavator Machinery Business Department, Wang Ying, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Business Division, and Liu Yifan, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Schwing Machinery Co., Ltd., wore the XCMG’s 30th anniversary badge for the student representatives and delivered the plaque for the training class.

The trainer and operator representatives made solemn commitment that they shall adhere to XCMG’s craftsmanship, research and study with great concentration, go beyond themselves, and deliver the public welfare concept of “XCMG makes the world better” to every corner of the world.


This “Global Excellent Operator” project has totally implemented three training courses for excavators, loaders and pump trucks. The training contains four modules covering XCMG enterprise culture introduction, theory teaching, practical operation training and expert exchange. The training course has adopted the integrated teaching mode of “theory + practice”, and effectively enhanced students’ value-added service capabilities in construction through featured experiences such as three-dimensional simulation operation, skill contest, construction observation and emulation, and activities such as the live demonstration of XCMG’s customer management system, and zero distance communication with skill masters.

This training also includes colorful activities such as organizing students to visit General Secretary Xi’s inspection route, Xuzhou Han Culture Scenic Area and XCMG intelligent manufacturing base, so that the students can thoroughly experience Xuzhou’s history and culture, local customs and practices and XCMG’s 30 years of brilliant development history.

The XCMG “Global Excellent Operator” project precisely targets at customers’ requirements, establishes a systematic, standardized and modeled training system, aims to foster versatile operators in such six aspects as “excellent quality, good communication skills, able to repair and operate, know construction and management”, continuously cultivates backup service skilled talents for the global construction machinery industry.