BICES has witnessed how XCMG has become a leader in the high-end market in the past 30 years

In 1989, as the first company in the construction machinery industry, the newly-founded XCMG participated in the first China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (hereinafter referred to as "BICES"). In the past 30 years, XCMG has made joint efforts with BICES to lead the development of China's Construction Machinery industry; through thick and thin, XCMG has never been absent. 

Now, let's look back along the timeline to review the highlights of XCMG over the past 30 years.


The 1st BICES in 1989

On July 28, 1989, XCMG Group was established. In September of the same year, the first Beijing Exhibition was initiated by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. This is an authoritative exhibition of China's Construction Machinery industry, and XCMG participated in the exhibition for the first time. 

The 2nd BICES in 1992

On January 19th, Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, inspected XCMG and gave his autograph to encourage its development. In the same year, the second Beijing Exhibition was held, and XCMG participated again. 

The 3rd BICES in 1995

On July 27th, XCMG was restructured into a wholly state-owned enterprise after obtaining the approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Jiangsu Provincial Government, and was renamed as Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. This was a new start point for a new journey. XCMG participated in the 3rd Beijing Exhibition with its new identity. 

The 4th BICES in 1997

XCMG and other 3 construction machinery companies in China formed an alliance, and jointly participated in the 4th Beijing Exhibition to represent China's manufacturing industry.  

The 5th BICES in 1999

On October 21, 1999, XCMG signed a contract worth more than USD 45 million to export to high-end market in North America. Thus, XCMG, as the representative of China's manufacturing industry, knocked open the door to the international market. 

The 6th BICES in 2001

XCMG Brand was entitled as "Famous-brand Products in Jiangsu Province", and XCMG loaders were entitled as the products with intellectual properties subject to key protection. XCMG brand is an epitome of leading technology and excellent quality of the construction machinery manufactured in China. 

The 7th BICES in 2003

In November, XCMG participated the 7th BICES as one of the few companies with both the operating revenue and sales revenue exceeding 10 billion (operating revenue and sales revenue of XCMG from January to October were 12.9 billion Yuan and 10.3 billion Yuan, respectively). 

The 8th BICES in 2005

On April 27th, XCMG won the title of "My favorite Chinese Brand in 2005" by CCTV. XCMG LW541F loader exhibited in the same year was praised as “the most attractive loader” with its novel body, first-class design and excellent performance. 

The 9th BICES in 2007

On May 20th, XCMG ranked 5th in the top 100 Chinese machinery companies. XCMG road equipment was exhibited in the Beijing Exhibition in 2017. It became the focus, attracting endless stream of visitors to enquire about it. 

The 10th BICES in 2009

In the 20th year anniversary of XCMG's establishment, it realized an operating revenue of more than 50.5 billion Yuan, completed more than 100 scientific and technological innovation projects, and got 7 achievements which won the 2009 Science and Technology Progress Award of China Machinery Industry 

The 11th BICES in 2011

In October, XCMG participated in the Beijing Exhibition with 32 products (including the LW1200K loader which has the largest tonnage up to now and the world's first LNG loader LW500K-LNG) which triggered the climax and cemented XCMG as the leader of large-tonnage and LNG loader manufacturers. 

The 12th BICES in 2013

On October 16th, the Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference & Top 50 Summit held before the Exhibition released the list of top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, in which XCMG ranked the 5th. 

The 13th BICES in 2015

In 2015, the XCT130 truck crane - the representative of the first generation of XCMG crane which was developed based on multiple XCMG scientific and technological achievements, was exhibited at the Beijing Exhibition and became the focus of the Exhibition. 

The 14th BICES in 2017

On December 12th, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, visited XCMG and hoped XCMG "to make new contributions to China's 'two-hundred year' goal". 

September 4-7, 2019

BICES 2019 held in Beijing New National Exhibition Center


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XCMG will appear with 22 smart products ( in 9 categories) and 8 complete solutions

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