XCMG Complete Set of Special Truck Solutions Is Shining the Smart City!

The 17th Urban Lighting Management Experience Exchanges between Fujian and Zhejiang provinces was held in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, focusing on exchanges in the aspect of 5G intelligent lighting technology in the IoT era, urban nightscape lighting management and the application of LED technology in urban lighting.


Xuzhou Truck-mounted Crane, as the council member of Urban Lighting Committee of China Municipal Works Association and co-organizer, attended this meeting with XCMG FZS100A anti-collision truck, GKS17 aerial platform and other special vehicles, which received high attention as soon as their debut.

Representatives and experts at the exhibition hall fully recognized XCMG’s breakthrough on safe and intelligent operation with its products, and highly acclaimed XCMG for its strict control on product intelligence, lightweight, high security and refined workmanship, and its forward-looking urban construction with the sense of responsibility and mission.

Experts said that XCMG has continuously updated its category of trucks, and expanded its advantages in customized production. Aerial platform, anti-collision truck, tow truck, bridge inspection truck and other customized multi-functional hedge maintenance truck all show XCMG’s strength in R&D and product innovation, which will lead and influence the special truck industry and the operation and maintenance of modern cities.

XCMG has been committed to the improvement of intelligent technologies over the years. With the advent of 5G era, XCMG will speed up its integration to ensure safe and reliable operation of urban lighting facilities, so as to better contribute its strength as the pillar of a great power to urban construction and social development.