XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 25years.
  • 1606

    China's Domestically Designed Amphibious Excavator

  • 1506

    XCMG Achieves Fruitful Outcomes in INTERMAT ASEAN 2017, and Obtains Intention Orders of about USD 10 million

  • 1306

    Liu Jiansen, Assistant President of XCMG Pays a Visit to Uzbekistan, Yielding fruitful result for the “ Belt and Road” Initiative

  • 0606

    “Sino-foreign Hybrid” XCMG XCT40U Crane Makes Wonderful Debut in North America

  • 0206

    XCMG Indonesia Opens to Expand XCMG’s Overseas Footprint!

  • 0106

    CCTV Exclusive: XCMG Penetrates into European Markets with USD 290 million Export Volumes to the “Belt and Road” Countries in First Four Months!

  • 3105

    Less Time, Lower Cost, and Greater Quality: XCMG Leading the Next Wave of Global Intelligent Manufacturing

  • 2705

    Consul-General of India in Shanghai Shed Light on Golden Opportunity for XCMG's Development in India

  • 2605

    XCMG Product "Connectivity" Flourishes Everywhere in Southeast Asia! Explore XCMG Along the way of the Belt and Road.

  • 2405

    West Asia North Africa: Another Promising Market for XCMG on the “B&R” Trading Route

  • 1305

    Explore XCMG along "the Belt and Road (B&R)" | Let's Share the Friends Circle of XCMG across Central Asia!

  • 1105

    XCMG Sets Footprint Along The Belt And Road | XCMG Conecrete Equipments Debut In Caraga Region Of Philippines!

  • 1105

    Explore XCMG Along the Belt and Road | Enumerate the Super Projects of XCMG in African Continent!

  • 2604

    XCMG Gains New Market Shares Overseas for Aerial Working Platform!

  • 2504

    150 Sold to Southeast Asia! XCMG Sees Rising Overseas Sales of Heavy-duty Truck.

  • 1204

    Summit Dialogue – XCMG Chairman WANG Min Attended 2017 Summit of China Manufacturing (Shenzhen)

  • 1204

    XCMG Research in International Standars Take Leading Position to Get More Power of Say – the First XCMG Research Program on International Standard Finalized Project Defense

  • 1104

    MIIT Leaders Visit XCMG Europe

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.5 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry