XCMG Gantry Decontamination Vehicle Won Gold Award of International Invention and Entrepreneurship Award

On November 17, 2016, the Ninth International Invention Exhibition was held in Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the equipment developed under the cooperation of XCMG Suiche and Army Equipment – the gantry decontamination vehicle won the “Gold Award of International Invention and Entrepreneurship Award”.

In this project, XCMG Suiche researched and developed the core part “automatic decontamination gantry”, which can do all movements required in the decontamination process and meet the requirements for the precision of straight motion through the compound motion control technology of seven degrees of freedom. The technology applied in this project is advanced in the whole world and initiative in China. Now, the small-scale production of this equipment has already started. Under high attention and leadership of the company leaders, the members of the Project Team actively cooperated with the military to finish various tasks, enabling the project to pass the tests, acceptance inspections and authentications smoothly. The small-scale production task of this equipment in 2016 is 4 sets, and it is planned to produce 30 sets through volume production in 2017. With significant military, economic and social benefits, this equipment has a wide prospect of application.