YD310 Torque Converter Produced by XCMG DRIVETRAN Went into MP Supplied to MYF200 Gearbox

Days ago, XCMG DRIVETRAN finished making 20 units of YD310 torque converter for its MYF200 gearbox, meaning the product is now in mass production to ensure localization of high-end core parts and components.

As a key part in Competitiveness Upgrading Program of MYF200 Electric Gearbox proposed by XCMG, YD310 torque converter, compared with its original version, is evidently featured by higher experimental technical level and better compatibility, reliability and cost control. While making up for its weak points, it also has established the core technical platform for the future R&D of torque converters used in large/small-power host machines. Together with MYF200 gearbox, it will reward users of host machines with premium quality, high reliability and low cost, thus taking an upper hand in the market of high-end construction machinery.