XCMG Chairman Wang Min Awarded with the Title of Xuzhou Economic Person of the Year

On the evening of February 12, Power of Endeavor – Awarding Ceremony of First Xuzhou Economic Person of the Year and Top 10 Excellent Entrepreneurs was held in Conference Center of Xincheng District. The Awarding Ceremony was addressed by Party Secretary Zhang Guohua. Besides, Mayor Zhou Tiegen announced the awarding decisions at the Awarding Ceremony, in which Xuzhou People’s Congress Presient Liu Zhongda, CPPCC Xuzhou Commission Chairman Li Rongqi, Deputy Party Secretary Yang Shiyun and Principal Xia Wenda of CPC Xuzhou Committee, Rural Work Leadership Panel. Mr. Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Party Secretary won the title of first Xuzhou Economic Person of the Year.


In the speech, Mr. Zhang Guohua expressed warm congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to the awarded entrepreneurs, who said the Awarding Ceremony was aimed to carry on the entrepreneurship and cultivate the atmosphere in the city to serve corporate development and boost real economy.

After the Party Secretary Zhang Guohua addressed the Awarding Ceremony, Mayor Zhou Tiegen announced the awarding decisions.

Zhang Guohua said the enterprises is the biz card of a city, the corporate competitiveness represents the competitiveness of the city, and the corporate wealth is the wealth of the city, adding that we would uphold the pro-business philosophy while maintaining the close but clean relations with business community. At the same time, the government will serve enterprises wholeheartedly as the servant, build the pro-business environment featuring zero barriers, whole process, professional service, low cost and high performance so that enterprises will make profits and localities will develop, which will join hands to create brighter future.

As the old industry base, Xuzhou is known as China’s Capital City of Construction Machinery, which is actually made by XCMG. Nowadays, XCMG is speed up its global presence, targeting at the Top 3 list of construction machinery in the world.

Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Party Secretary

XCMG Hall of People

XCMG Experience Hall was opened to the public on November 18, 2014, in which you can have access to the 74-year history of XCMG and evolution of industrial development in Xuzhou as a city. In XCMG Hall of People, the visitors will find an entrepreneur who joined XCMG at the age of 18 and who has served XCMG for the past 45 years. And his name is Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG.


Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Zhou Tiegen was awarding Mr. Wang Min

At the Awarding Ceremony, XCMG Chairman Wang Min, winner of first Xuzhou Economic Person of the Year, stepped onto the stage to take the award. By telling the history of XCMG development, he helped the audience understand his wisdom, bravery and innovations in the process of rejuvenating the old industrial base in Xuzhou.

Wang Min: Xuzhou finds it easy to cultivate people like me who are perseverant

The candidate valuation in the first Xuzhou Economic Person of the Year and Top 10 Excellent Entrepreneurs focuses on the theme of “innovation, sci-tech, transformation and development” to award the excellent entrepreneurs who have made exceptional achievements and contributions who focus on project development, enhance sci-tech investments, highlight reform and innovations and push forward rejuvenation and transformation in the New Normal Economic Development.