Large Tonnage Loader Seizes the Opportunity, XCMG Loaders Appear in the High-End Market Frequently

In 2017, with the gradual recovery of the domestic and international markets, XCMG loaders achieved great harvests in the high-end markets at home and abroad. After the batch delivery of 6-8 tons of products in the port system of East China, batch entry of V Series 5 tons of high-end loaders in the railway system, batch entry of 9-ton loaders into a coastal port by breaking the monopoly of foreign -products, batch export of N Series 5-ton high-end loaders to Africa and the first entry of 7-ton loader into the overseas market. At the beginning of March, the 8-tons loaders were shipped to the Middle East. XCMG’s middle and large tonnage of loaders have achieved full sales so far, realizing full coverage and extension in the layout of the global market at all levels.

Plan the high-end market, lead industry development path

XCMG’s middle and large tonnage of loaders seized the opportunity in the high-end market frequently, which is not accidental, but benefited from its consistent high quality ideas and technical route, and it has continued to lead the development of Chinese loader technology. In the face of the "supply side" reform and the adjustment of the industry, it also actively adjusts the idea and always give the industry a surprise, in 2016, relying on the international R&D centers in Europe and North America and combined with the domestic demands, XCMG launched a new generation of V series loaders, at the beginning of the listing, it won the high recognition of customers and continuous orders. With the full transformation of products of National III Emission Standard, it marked the seamless connection of all value chains from research and development, technology, production, manufacturing and after-market, which fully stimulated the upgrade of the whole industry chain, reformed the current sales model of loaders, and further interpreted the product concept of "leading technology, no destroy", the series of products in large tonnage not only break the monopoly of foreign products, but also become the star models in various industries, which promoted the high-end evolution of industrial structure.

Meet the needs of customers, start from customer value

XCMG believes that high-end products are to create higher value for customers. XCMG loaders always start from creating high yields for the customers, since the release of V series loaders, it launched a series of comprehensive tournament activities of "hero in shovel industry", the perfect collaboration between the manipulators and the V series loaders allow customers to feel the value of high-end XCMG loaders, the "really fuel-efficient," "good operation", "high work efficiency" and "easy maintenance" have also been fully displayed. A driver from the client said excitedly after the tournament that I fully appreciate the excellent performance of V series of products of XCMG, the core components of self-developed products by XCMG plays extreme performance of the product, the operation of the product is also more humane, especially in the details in the cab interior, just like the feeling of driving car, the loaders in our company are from XCMG, I suggested that our boss to replace with V series products.

Consolidate two “levels”, accelerate the development of global market

The export of middle and large tonnage loaders in XCMG has been maintaining the first position in the industry for more than ten consecutive years, which is reflected in the two levels of “domestic alternative” and “foreign export”. At the level of domestic alternative, since XCMG introduced the first third generation ZL50G of high cost-effective feature and transformation products in the domestic, it has rapidly replaced the foreign brands in the domestic high-end market, becoming the backbone of the domestic market. In foreign export level, XCMG strengthened the cooperation with the import and export companies of the group, and maintained the original heavy load and high efficiency features in accordance with the requirements of foreign customers, and made adaptability improvement to the products, which is well-matched with a number of international brands. A foreign customer once purchased XCMG ZL50G loader 5 years ago, after 5 years, the customer has purchase demand again, and showed the requirements for XCMG loader, highlighting the brand effect of XCMG loader. Now, the series products of XCMG middle and large tonnage loaders not only achieved batches of overseas market sales, but also some products have entered the top market in Europe and the United states. At the same time, in the global aftermarket, it stepped faster pace, and boldly put forward the "3S" global service concept, realizing to provide a full range of whole life cycle use guarantee for overseas customers.

Large Tonnage Loaders Seize the Opportunity, XCMG Loaders Appear in the High-End Market Frequently