Summit Dialogue – XCMG Chairman WANG Min Attended 2017 Summit of China Manufacturing (Shenzhen)


On April 8-9, the 2nd Summit of China Manufacturing (Shenzhen), hosted by Economy & Nation Weekly of Xinhua News Agency and Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation, MIIT, was held in Shenzhen. Vice Mayor CHEN Biao of Shenzhen chaired and addressed the Summit. XCMG Chairman WANG Min was invited to the Summit as representative of manufacturing industry, who attended the Roundtable Meeting and Summit Dialogue. He was also invited as the Consultant in Shenzhen Strategic Consultancy Committee for Upgrading Corporate Competitiveness.

Themed on Transition to Intelligence for Global Manufacturing Industry, the Summit invited more than 1,000 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the ministries, commissions of China, SOEs, foreign-funded enterprise and universities from China and other countries, who offered their ideas and proposals for upgrading and transformation of China’s manufacturing industry.

Also present at the meeting were Vice Chairman LI Yizhong of Economy Committee, CPPCC, President ZHONG Zhihua of Tongji University, Shenzhen government officials and representatives of famous multinational companies such as Intel and Accenture.


Chairman WANG Min attended “Shenzhen Talks with the World” Roundtable Meeting


At “Shenzhen Talks with the World” Roundtable Meeting on the afternoon of April 8, Chairman WANG Min had in-depth discussions with experts and entrepreneurs about new trend and characteristics in innovative development of world manufacturing industry, progress and weak points in Made in China 2025 and what Shenzhen needs to prioritize to become highland in the world-class manufacturing industry.


Chairman WANG Min in “Shenzhen Talks with the World” Roundtable Meeting


According to Chairman WANG Min, the world is in the initial stage of a new round of industrial revolution triggered by wave of technical innovations. Internet trend of manufacturing industry deserves our attention. In the past years, XCMG has kept making large-sum investments in improving IT development and Internet+. It has almost finished Predix, the first industrial cloud platform in the industry. For users, Internet + construction machinery is not only the original and pleasant product experience featuring “intelligent connectivity”, but also the physical B2C purchase via e-commerce, unmanned control, automatic management of equipment efficiency, intelligent and optimized construction technical plans, and intelligent/active service in failure warning and alarm. All our efforts focus on Internet+ to improve product quality and consolidate the most essential product attributes so that construction machinery, the production tool products with a history of more than 100 years in the world, will present the refreshing charm. In 2014, we established XCMG Information, which emphasizes on IOT, intelligent manufacturing and consultancy & implementation. After nearly 3-year rapid development, it attracts many talented ICT people and plans to get listed in NEEQ this year. He said the target of XCMG is to implement the golden standard of XCMG “leading technologies and never fading”, thus fulfilling the Made in China 2025 strategy. To compete against world-class leading players in the world’s high-end manufacturing industry, XCMG is obliged to develop leading technologies and never-fading products.


Chairman WANG Min in Summit Dialogue


In the Summit Dialogue held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House on the morning of April 9, Chairman WANG Min joined three famous Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs to discuss hot topics in the industry and interpret the national strategy. According to him, construction machinery industry in China expanded to the current scale without policy protection of China. And this industry will have a bright future in the competition. At present, manufacturing industry is in the difficult process of upgrading and transformation. Now all manufacturers in the world are working on technologies, better quality, lower cost and how to please customers so that they are willing to pay. As a result, the industry is obliged to engage in “+” in ICT of R&D, sales and management process.



Chairman WANG Min in summit dialogue


Chairman WANG Min said XCMG has fully deployed the intelligent manufacturing, investing heavily and making wonderful results. In pursuit of intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, the essence is to purse leading technologies and quality. We have to be dedicated and persistent in craftsmanship and innovations. He said XCMG represents the excellent part in China’s manufacturing industry, believing two or three enterprises will be standing in the peak in this industry in a few years’ time. And XCMG will definitely be one of the top enterprises in the world. His excellent speech revealed XCMG’s ambition and confidence, its passion and responsibility for the nation, and its dedication to practical efforts, thus winning warm applause from all participants.


Chairman WANG Min was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency


During the Summit, Chairman WANG Min was also interviewed by a dozen of media including Xinhua News Agency, who expressed his opinions about how enterprises should lead competition and address challenges in future development of manufacturing industry, how to combine Made in China 2025 with Internet+, how to carry on entrepreneurship and craftsmanship into the future, and how to guide orientation of social values.



At the inauguration of Shenzhen Strategic Consultancy Committee for Upgrading Corporate Competitiveness, 44 celebrities from political, academic and business communities, including Chairman WANG Min, were invited as the Consultants or Members in the Committee.


Group photo of participants